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No tennis doesn't have uniforms. It is not a team game, but individual players. Players often wear a particular style of dress.

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Q: Does tennis require uniforms
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Yes, most schools in England require uniforms

Do all Catholic schools require uniforms?

No, not all Catholic schools require uniforms, however, they do have a dress code to follow.

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No, St. Kilian Parish School in Hartford, Wisconsin does not require uniforms.

Are there any statistics about school uniforms?

95% Of New Orleans require school uniforms

What places require you to wear school uniforms?

I know that in Lafayette,Louisiana you have to wear uniforms.

Should schools require school uniforms?

People have different opinions on uniforms but there are pros and cons about them

What percentage of Japanese schools require uniforms?

Almost all schools in Japan require the use of school uniforms. The percentage of schools is close to 95% to 98%.

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No not at all. Most, if not all schools have dress codes. Some are stricter than others. Some schools require uniforms to be worn but many do not. It just simply means that the kids who are not in uniforms go to a school that does not require them to wear uniforms.

Do schools in Canada make kids wear uniforms?

Depends on the specific school. Public schools in general do not require school uniforms, but many of the private schools do indeed require it.

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Yes they do! It always have. Public and private school MUST ware uniforms

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most of `em do

How many school districts require uniforms in the usa?


How many schools wear uniforms in Australia?

School uniforms are certain articles of clothing that are required for children to wear. Australia ruled that public schools do not have to require uniforms as of 1998.

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The best evidence shows huge benefits for students in schools that require uniforms, so it isn't a matter of if your school will one day require them but more likely when.

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There are no US states in which students are legally required to wear uniforms, although individual schools or school districts may require uniforms.

Should schools require the students uniforms?

That's a matter of opinion

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There is an estimate of 60% of jobs require a uniform!

How many schools don't require uniforms in the us?

in between 18000 to 45000

Should schools require uniforms?

No, school uniforms is one of the many things i hate about my school. Opposite opinion: School uniforms reduces peer pressures about what kids wear.

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What equipment do they need in table tennis?

To play the table tennis game we require table tennis table, tt bat, tt ball and net with net stand.

Is it legal to require a High School and Middle School to wear uniforms but allow Elementary students to opt out?

Schools and school districts have the discretion to require uniforms. It is not necessary that all schools in the area/district be required for some to be required.

What Percentage of Schools Wear Uniforms?

Roughly 25 percent of America's schools have successfully established a uniform policy, meaning the remaining 75 percent do not require uniforms.

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Some schools in Las Vegas do require students to wear uniforms. I go to a middle school in Northwest Las Vegas (Cadwallader Middle school) that does require me to wear uniforms. Uniforms feel great for the first week or so, but then become restricting, expensive, and tacky. You do not want to purposely go to or send your children to a uniform school. There is no Difference in behavior or grades.