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Q: Does sports medicine involve athletic trainers coaches and personal trainers?
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Are coaches athletic?

Sometimes, like NFL Coaches aren't always as athletic but school coaches and little league coaches for the most part are. ! :-)

Who is considered an athletic director?

The individual who oversees coaches at schools or athletic organizations is usually considered the athletic director. This individual is also the person the coaches must answer to when there is an issue.

Are there special coaches for the nba that are not assistant coaches?

yes, most players have agents, or their own trainers

Who is contact person in nehru stadium for cricket coaching and also who give coaching?

JH Nehru Stadium in New Delhi offers many intramural type sports activities. The Cricket and other coaches can be reached by contacting the league sports office. They can also provide the names of coaches and other athletic trainers that can help you.

How many athletes were in the winter Olympics 2010?

There are approx. 2500 athletes and coaches and trainers as well.

Who is the highest paid play in the word and the highest paid coach in the word?

Nobody really knows how much coaches/personal trainers get paid. If you are lucky enough to meet an athlete's trainer, ask them... If they want to answer...

What are some types of sports doctors?

Sport doctors are very important for not only professional athletes, but also those that take place in physical activities. Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) are responsible for the care and prevention of athletic injuries. The ATC not only interact with the athlete, but also their coaches, parents (depending on the athletes age) and the physician.

Do all body builders have fitness trainers?

I'm sure all body builders don't have fitness trainers but it is a good idea to have someone to work with you who is knowledgeable about what is needed to be successful. Singers have voice coaches, basketball players have coaches, so why shouldn't a body builders?

What are the different types of athletic awards that coaches can give to players?

A smile and some claps DUGh!

Do football coaches give massages to their players?

Coaches never massage the players. Or, at least, they shouldn't. That would be inappropriate. If a player has a sore muscle, however, the trainers will likely massage him.

How many trainers are on an NFL team?

For instance, let's use the Vikings; With 3 head coaches. The have 8 offensive coaches, including quarterbacks and wide receivers. 7 defensive coaches including line backers, defensive backs and line. And five other staffs/coaches for conditioning and strengthening.

What are four jobs involved with sport that need a knowledge of science?

Medical science is necessary for trainers, physical sciences for coaches.

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