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yes I believe it does. There people of different countries fighting with each other over the game of their players

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Q: Does sport do more to encourage international rivalry than to overcome it?
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When did volleyball become a international sport?

volleyball became an international sport in 1949.

Do sports in school encourage out-of-school sport?

No not particularly.

Which sport is called the international sport?


Is parkour a national or international sport?


Does rivlary change for people depending on the sport they play?

yes, rivalry does change the people. For example they will fight and get in arguments and this happens almost every sport.

Is soccer an International sport?

Yes, it's played all over the world which makes it an international sport.

What emotions encourage violence in sport?

The Answer Renee Is The Best And She Was Here . . . 2009

How can you overcome sport barriers?

dedicate all of your time to training and practice.

Is Soccer a national or international sport?

It is the national sport of many countries, and because there are teams from many countries that play each other at many levels, it is an international sport.

What are synonyms of rivalry?

clash, contest, conflict, event, encounter, competition, fight, match, game, struggle, race, sport

What is one more interesting fact about international sports and its use of the metric system?

International sport is not used in the metric system, although international sport does use the metric system.

Is soccer an internatoinal sport?

Yes youre right soccer is an international sport.