Does special Olympics pay athletics

Updated: 11/21/2022
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Q: Does special Olympics pay athletics
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Why did the Olympics include athletics?

athletics was included in the olympics because it's not a certain sport.

Is athletics in the 2012 Olympics?


What is the official event of the summer Olympics?


Where did athletics start?

Greek Olympics

When was Special Olympics created?

Special Olympics was created in 1968.

Can you give me a sentence using the word athletics?

People like watching athletics in the Olympics.

Is badminton in the special Olympics?

No, they don't offer badminton in special olympics

What sports were popular in the Greek Olympics?

Athletics and swimming

Does the Olympics have a main game?

Not really but I think athletics.

What is the official name of track and field in the Olympics?


When do the athletics start at the 2012 Olympics?

3 August

What sports take part in the present Olympics?