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A wet tennis ball is a ruined tennis ball. It does not bounce as high. You can dry a tennis ball quickly by hitting it against a chain-link fence repidly for a little while. Once the ball is dry, then you can use it again.

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Q: Does soaking a tennis ball in water affect its bounce?
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How high will a soaking tennis ball bounce?

A soaking tennis ball won't bounce high because it has become water-logged

Does mud on a tennis ball affect the height of its bounce?

not as far as you know is not a good answer because it does not explain. the mud will make the tennis ball heavier and denser if it has water in it the ball heavy wont go far for its bounce.

Why can't a wet tennis ball bounce?

Tennis balls are porous, and will allow water to seep in. The water adds too much weight to the tennis ball, causing it to be too heavy to bounce, in addition to ruining the outer surface of the tennis ball.

Will a wet tennis ball bounce higher than a dry tennis ball?

no actually wet balls bounce lower and they spray water all around.

Which tennis ball bounces higher a wet tennis ball or a dry tennis ball?

The dry tennis ball will bounce higher, if you use the same amount of force, the wet tennis ball will slide a bit when it hits the ground and bounce lower. In short, the weight of the water will make the tennis ball heavier, with the weight of the water keeping it from bouncing as high.

Does the age of a tennis ball affect its bounce?

Question: Does the age of a tennis ball affect its bounce? Answer: The age of a tennis ball does not necessarily effect its bounce. A new tennis ball in a pressurized container will remain in a relatively new state and have the same approximate bounce for as long as the pressure inside the container remains constant; this is true whether the tennis balls were made a week ago or a year ago. What will effect the bounce of a tennis ball is prolonged crushing, excessive striking, or anything else which results in a pressure decrease on the inside of the tennis ball. A new can of tennis ball should be squeezed to test the pressure inside the container. An unopened can of tennis ball which is easily squeezed will contain tennis balls with reduced pressure; of course, this will depend upon how long ago the pressure in the container has been reduced. A tennis ball has a fuzzy outer layer. Anything which causes this fuzzy layer to change can effect the bounce of the tennis ball. Normal tennis play causes a thinning of the fuzz on the outer surface of a tennis ball. The fuzzy layer can absorb water, mud, and other foreign materials or substances which act to increase the weight of the ball and effect its bounce. Randy Lynn Rutledge - author of Fix Your Tennis

Does water affect a tennis ball?

It will make it slower.

What is the technical word for water soaking in?

To absorb is the verb; absorption is the noun for water soaking in.

Does a tennis ball lose its bounce quicker when its wet?

Yes it does, the water accumulates in the ball, which causes it to get heavier and therefore doesn't bounce as high as a normal tennis ball. The ball also tends to slide on the courts when the ball hits the surface when hit with pace.

Why won't a wet tennis ball bouce?

The outer cover is porous and absorbs water. Being that the tennis ball is also hollow inside, the water adds more weight to the ball and thus reduces its ability to effectively bounce.

What happens to egg after soaking in water?

The mass of the egg increases after soaking in water because water enter the egg through diffusion.

Why do you get clammy hands?

Soaking them in water

How do you use soaking in sentence?

When you were knocking on the door of my house, I was soaking my clothes in water to wash them.The children were soaking wet from the rain.

Why would water stop soaking into the ground in the saturated zone?

why would water stop soaking into the ground in the saturated zone

What is it called to bounce in water?

If you mean to bounce across water that's called skipping.

How does chemically changed soaking?

Soaking is not a chemical change, unless contact with water results in a chemical reaction - such as adding sodium to water.

What is the effect of cold water on a tennis balls bounce?

well, i think you should go ask a friend well, i think you should go ask a friend

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yes it can

What is The word for water soaking into the ground?


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Falling in water

Why should you avoid soaking produce in water?

There are several reasons why you should avoid soaking produce in water. This is mostly due to the fact that water will leach nutrients.

Does the soaking of seeds affect germination?

of course. controled soaking and drying is used to create primed seeds. the water starts the germination process. of course the root will soon need oxygen so if you keep it soaked it will suffacte and die.

Will soaking dentures in water ruin the dentures?

Soaking your dentures in water will not ruin them. It is best to soak them when you don't wear them so they stay moist and retain their form. Not soaking them when you are not wearing them will cause them to dry out and that will ruin them.

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