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No. Snowboard cross is a downhill sport, but the slopes are not any where near as steep as downhill racing - Snowboarding on an Olympic level downhill ski course would be suicide.

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Q: Does skiing and snowboarding go on the same slopes?
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Skis or snowboard witch is harder to go off jumps?

Snowboarding is harder to go off a jump then skiing, but if you plan to do a trick in the air then skiing is harder. This is because when snowboarding your weight distribution controls if you bail or not where as when skiing it is more forgiving.

Where do people go to go skiing and snowboarding on mountains?

the go to switzerland and sath france

What are some facts about California Mountains?

Well you can go skiing or snowboarding.

How can you use the word slopes in a sentence?

The hill slopes steeply away from the road in this area. Let's hit the slopes! (Let's go skiing!)

Why would you spend your holiday downhill skiing in Colorado?

If I went skiing I would go to Colorado,because it has slopes and mountains.

Which ride can you do in gulmarg?

Depending what you define as 'ride', but you can go both Snowboarding and Skiing in Gulmarg.

What is the difference between snowboarding and skiing?

Really? Snowboarding you have one board that your feet are attached into and you go down the mountain facing sideways. With skiing you have 2 skis, one foot on each one so your feet are not attached together. You go down the mountain facing forward.

What sport combines water skiing snowboarding surfing?

You can buy "The Wave" skateboard. go to

Where did Jon Gosselin go snowboarding?

Jon Gosselin has been seen snowboarding in Park City Utah during 3 episodes of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8": * "Gosselins Go Skiing" Season 3, Episode 12 * "Slopes, Sleds, and Sesame" Season 4, Episode 39 * "Kate's Birthday Surprise" Season 5, Episode 2

What is more dangerous free skiing or alpine snowboarding?

They are both equally dangerous. By skiing or snowboarding, you are assuming a risk that you could die. Hardly anyone ever does, but there are some crazy people who go on a way too dificult trail for them and hit a tree. But that's rare.

What is better snowboarding or skiing I am doing a school project and I think that snowboarding is a lot better than skiing. My friends on the other hand say you can get more speed and air on skis.?

Ok... here it is... SNOWBOARDING KNUCKLEDRAGGERS ARE NO MATCH FOR AWESOME SKIERS!!! skiing is harder, but way more worth it. besides, how many snowboarders have you seen that don't wear gangsta clothes? not very many! AND.... with skis you can go faster, pull of all sorts of awesome tricks, and can go down a run without making a loud obnoxious grinding sound. THERE YOU HAVE IT!!! skiing is way cool, and snowboarding is cool, too! I prefer skiing, but i don't really care if there is another boarder on the run.... but deer valley and alta are nice.....

What are some facts about mountains?

Well you can go skiing or Snowboarding.

Where can I go snowboarding in Burlington, Vermont?

Try visiting the following website. They offer a list of skiing and snowboarding places within a one hour drive of the Burlington area.

Which is better snowboarding or skiing?

I Think skiing is way better because You have less chance of being hurt and at the same time you go faster than a snowboard... Yes you can do a little more tricks on a snowboard and yes the skiis are more expensive to buy but you have way more fun on skiis

What you do in snow?

Play in it! Make snow angels, make a snow man, go sledding or snowboarding. You could have a snowball fight or build a fort or go skiing.

Where can one go on vacation to ride snowboards?

There are numerous places one can go on vacation to ride snowboards. Utah and Michigan have good snowboarding vacations and Canada has amazing spots for snowboarding or skiing. The Swiss Alps and Turin are also great places to snowboard.

What do you do on vacations?

I usually go skiing and snowboarding. I always make a plan ahead of time about the trip and do all the reservation before going to the place.

Why would you go skiing in Colorado?

You would go skiing in Colorado because of all the beautiful scenes they have. The snow is very deep from snowboarding, sledding, and skiing. I bet they also serve great hot cocoa too! Who would not like to go to Colorado just make sure you wear proper clothing. ( I am sorry if I sound like your mother)

What is Jon Gosselin doing in Utah?

Jon Gosselin has been to Park City Utah 3 times 'Jon & Kate Plus 8." * "Gosselins Go Skiing" Season 3, Episode 12 * "Slopes, Sleds, and Sesame" Season 4, Episode 39 * "Kate's Birthday Surprise" Season 5, Episode 2 During all the trips, Jon went snowboarding and enjoyed the slopes. During the Season 5 trip, Jon helped disabled skiiers take on the slopes.

When is the best time to go snowboarding in New Zealand?

June to September is the usually the best time for skiing or snowboarding in New Zealand. The best time within this range in any given year varies depending on the weather in that year.

Where are some places to go skiing in Loveland?

Loveland ski area is located in Colorado. The Loveland Ski Resort has great deals on downhill skiing and snowboarding. The runs are well groomed and great for beginners or experts alike.

Does Cara Nicole gosselin like skiing?

Yes. Cara Gosselin loves skiing. on her very first day of skiing, Cara graduated from a baby hill and hit the slopes because she was so good. She loved it so much that when her turn came to take a trip alone, she chose to go skiing in Utah, with Jon.

What sports were in the first winter olyimpic?

Hockey,snowboarding,figure skating,curling,freestyle skiing,crosscountry skiing,apline skiing,bobsleigh and shooting. Did u know:Canada is the best country in the world at hockey. In 2010 women and men won gold medal for hockey and both of them were verses the USA. GO Canada Go -_-

Where is a good vacation spot in the US in November?

in November in the us for a vacation spot would be Colorado to go skiing or snowboarding if you like that. or New York city for the thanksgiving parade!!! how fun!!

Ideas for a sweet 16 party..sleepover.. my birthday is in decmber any activitys we can do?

You could find the closest hill and go sledding, skiing, snowboarding, or do anything you could do on a regular day.