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Serve from the left, clear from the right.

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Q: Does server serve from left clear from right?
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Does one serve coffee from right or left?

The server should serve the coffee from the right.

From which side do you approach a guest for clearing?

Serve from the left, clear from the right.

In silver service waiting do you put down on the left and pick up from the right or do you put down on the right and pick up on the left?

depends if is plate service serve on the right and clear from the right if is platter serve then empty plate or soup bowl is put in front of the guest on the right and the food is served from the left side and clear from the right this is the basic answer

In American service'Does the server serve the food at the right?

according to what I've learned from my professor... food is served at the left side of the guest... beverage at the right...

During the serve where must the receiver stand tennis?

The receiver must stand diagonally opposite to the server. For example, if the server is on the right side (thus serving to the server's left service box), then the receiver must stand to the receiver's right to be diagonally opposite to that of the server.

What is a left back in soccer?

They serve the volleyball no they dont serve the volleyball, that is back right? server is always on the right. if you have troubles with your left and your right, try using your fingers. the shape that makes a perfect L is the left. be smart, becasue that answer wasnt.

What position does a volleyball player serve?

The player who served last will be in position one until there is a new server, unless they are substituted for by another player or the libero.

Do you serve food from left or right hand?

Right hand is generally the side you serve from in a restaurant setting

Do you serve food to the left and clear from the right?

No. It's the other way around. Since more people are right-handed, you serve from the left to give the diner access to a serving platter with their dominant hand, When the diner is done, you remove from the right, as when the diner is done with his plate, he should have his hands in his lap to signal waitstaff he done with his plate.

What is ment by a side out in badminton?

when it's your serve, you serve from the left if your score is odd and from the right if even. So it will start on the right and the first person to get the first point will then serve on the left because they have got one.

Where should the ball be thrown when trying to serve?

1st serve = 1 1/2 to 2 feet in front of the baseline... in line with your right shoulder2nd server (kick serve) 1/2 to 1 foot in front of the baseline... in line with head or near left shoulder... when the ball lands it should land 1 or 2 feet to your left

Does one serve drinks at dinner from right or left?

Serve from the right, remove from the left. Don't expect strict adherence to this, especially if it puts the server in an awkward position. Informal service , or at home , just whatever works and keeps things comfortable and safe .