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Q: Does randy moss have a new baby on the way?
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Who is faster Randy Moss or De Sean Jackson?

Well they are both really good because randy moss has more catches but terrel Owens has more yards. So I would Say that randy moss is a little bit better

Who is better warren sapp or randy moss?

Randy Moss one might think, but there is no real way to answer this question. Sapp and Moss played two different positions, so its impossible to compare their stats. Sapp was a great defensive lineman and Randy Moss is a great wide reciever.

Who will get to keep the record setting ball from the Tom Brady to Randy Moss pass?

This matter has not been settled yet, Tom told Randy to keep it, but Randy Moss proposed cutting it in half. Instead it seems that they will work out some way to have "joint" custody of it.

How can you be a receiver like randy moss?

You don't try to be a receiver like him, you make your own way.

Why did the patriots release randy moss?

His contract was up in 2011 and they wanted to change there offence to better suit the short yardage games any way.

Where can one purchase a Randy Moss jersey?

When searching for a way to have access to a Randy Moss jersey, one can usually purchase such a jersey from a formal or less formal website. An example of a formal website would be the official Forbes website whereas an example or a less formal website would be the official Ebay website.

Who is faster out of Steve smith and randy moss?

Just the thought of Steve Smith beating Randy Moss in a foot race is just hilarious. When you watch Steve Smith on TV make a catch and run from the secondary he is running as fast as he can. When watching Randy Moss you can see that when he runs his routes he is barley running half speed because if he ran full speed the quarterback would under throw him every time. than when he catches a deep pass and actually starts to run he leaves corners in the dust. the corners look like they just stop running every time moss starts running more than full speed. Moss is also taller than Steve Smith and has a bigger stride so he covers more ground than Steve smith in one stride than smith covers in three. that wouldn't even be a challenge for Moss. ok if you think randy moss is faster then you probably don't know anything about randy moss or Steve smith Steve is way more faster and elusive he can make plays everywhere on the field besides randy moss is lazy if randy moss was as good as u say than he would probably have the kind of season he did last year without Tom Brady

How can you get Randy Orton's new theme song in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008?

the only way you can get randy's new theme song is to download it on your console.

Who is the better receiver WR Terrell Owens or Randy Moss without a great quarterback?

Terrell Owens Wrong. Randy Moss not only is a better WR than Owens but he is an all around better person. He has better hands better feet he is faster than Owens makes better catches no mater who is throwing them Moss isn't a distraction to his team the way Owens is and Moss is a better business man than Owens. Moss also is better in baseball, basketball, and track than Owens. T.O. is just a one sport athlete kind of like an old dog that never learned any other tricks other than to lay down just like Owens lays down when he is about to get tackled kind of like he is a QB but he isn't so he should stand up and take the hit like Randy Moss A REAL MAN does!

Congratulation new baby?

Sending a card is one way to congratulate someone on a new baby. Other ways to congratulate the family is with a gift of diapers, baby bottles, toys, or clothing for the new baby.

Who is the best wide receiver that the New England Patriots has ever had?

There have been several outstanding receivers in Patriots history. Randy Moss comes to mind immediately because of the 23 touchdown catches in 2007 and the way he changed the Patriots offense to a far more aggressive one. Other great receivers have been Stanley Morgan, Irving Fryar, Darryl Stingley, Randy Vataha, and tight end Ben Coates.

How do you contact randy Jackson?

What is the best way to contact Randy Jackson?