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Yes because you are stopping the play by just the same as if you are in the middle of the field and you bring them to the ground.

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Q: Does pushing someone out of bounds count as a tackle?
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When does the 5 count stop during an out of bounds play does it start when it is released from the inbounders hands or when it is touched by someone already inbounds?

out of the hands of the player out of bounds

Does a sack also count for tackle?

yes it does

How many feet must a player have in bounds to count as a reception in professional football?


On the tee you play 2 bals out of bound how do you count the stroke on yr next balls?

If you hit the ball out of bounds, you must still count that shot. Also, for every shot that is hit out of bounds, there is a one stroke penalty. So if you hit two balls out of bounds, then that is 4 strokes, and when you tee off again, that will be your 5th stroke. Hopefully that one stays in! :)

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a sack of a quarterback behind the line of scrimage, that is a sack

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In high school basketball does the 10 second count start over after a time out?

Yes. Unlike other levels of play, the 10 second count starts again after a time out, ball going out of bounds or any other reason which stops the clock.

In basketball on a made basket the count to inbound the ball starts when the ball is at the disposal of the throw in team when does an official start his 5 second count?

As soon as the player out of bounds has the ball in their hands. In cases where the ref has been waiting for a player to take the ball out of bound, they may lay the ball on the floor and begin to count.

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