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Q: Does professional athletes being overpaid affect the sport?
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How many kids want to grow up and become professional athletes?

Many kids dream of being professional athletes.

Are actors being overpaid?


Are professional athletes being paid to much?

they should be paid $1,000,000 and give it to charity

What is Joe Defranco famous for?

Joe DeFranco is famous as being a professional strength and conditional trainer. He is known for training professional athletes as well as celebrities.

Whose slogan is Breakfast of Champions?

"The Breakfast of Champions" = Wheaties Cereal (which led to professional athletes being featured on the box of cereal)

Should pros draft college athletes before they graduate?

No, becasue athletes should be student athetes! They shoud learn how to live on there own first before having to deal with the pressure of being a professional athlete

What kind of job pays over 100000 a year?

Well a doctor, police officer, And some professional athletes being the prezident makes like $100000000000!!!!

What is Penny Hardaway famous for?

Penny Hardaway is famous for being one of the most popular Nike athletes. She is a former professional basketball player for Memphis State University.

Why athletes go professional instead of going to college?

probably because they forsee more money in a professional job instead of going to college and being a "normal" person. This is not always true, there are some great jobs you can have if you go to college as well.

What do most athletes not like?

Being beaten:D

Pros of college athletes being paid?


How much do professional athletes get paid?

yes professional athletes get paid too much Alex rodreguis gets paid 25,000,000 thosand dollars If you are asking for an exact monetary amount for endorsments it can range depending on the company and product being endorsed. For an athlete to appear on a cover of a magazine it can range from the thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Which is calculated into their salary. Each professional athlete gets paid a different salary depending on the sport or their popularity or skill.

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