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yeah, when athletes do bad things, it is showing a bad example and how selfish they can be.

also when they play horrible and still get guarenteed money and they feel like nothing could be done and they also think they could do what they want and they think that no one could stop them and some of them act like they don't know you because they makeing alot of money and often they try to pertend that they don't need the money but again they really need it badder then you really do some athletes let the money get to there head and look over people and think that they are better then you but its just the money that's makeing them act the way they are acting but some professional athletes give back to there city or build an after school place for the kids after school

Its called using a period dude.

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in my opinion the salary does not influence professional athletes in a negative or positive way. that just depends on the type of person they are. sure those people have done some things that no one is proud of but think about all the other athletes with large salaries that haven't done anything like that what about the ones that are good people. if it really had a negative or positive impact on athletes then all or almost all of them would be bad people or all of them would all be good people.

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The amount that someone gets paid depends on the demand for the job. The United States demand their football, Baseball, and Basketball. The only way to keep the fans rolling in is to bring in the best players in the world. When you can run a 4.3 or throw 98 you have a lot of leverage on a GM and if you are one of the few people in the world who can do that than you deserve a large amount of money.JK they dont deserve the money they deserve nothing they deserve crap

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Q: Does professional athletes being overpaid affect the sport?
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