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You have to decide that for yourself. But the smart money is on Tebow.

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2010-09-28 19:23:23
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Q: Does prince Micheal jackson1 look better than Tim Tebow?
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Who is better Tim Tebow or graham harrel?

Tim Tebow

Who is better jay cutler or Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow

Who is better Tim Tebow or cam newton?

Well cam newton is better at running but tim tebow is better at passing and tim tebow is my 1st and cam newton is my 2nd ( ps tim tebow is a christian ) (ps auburn is my favorite team

Who is a better quarterback Tim Tebow or Matthew stafford?

Tim Tebow is the better football player I will admit that but Matthew Stafford is the better Quarterback!

Who is better tebow or manning?

tim tebow is clutch at a young age and is goin to improve, manning is at the end of his run, but manning has had a better carrer...... for now

Who is better at everything Chuck Norris or Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow by far! He is better at fighting. Killing. Winning. And even being awesome. CHUCK NORRIS SUCKS!

Is Tim Tebow better than Colt MCcoy?

If you think tebow is better than mccoy well than your crazy because colt mccoy is better because he is gonna win the heishman trophy 100% and his team ut will win the national championship in january.

Who is the best player currently on the New York Jets?

Mark Sanchez is the best!!But what about Tim Tebow, who is better Mark or Tim Tebow.

Who is better Tim Tebow or Reggie Bush?

Tim Tebow is better than Reggie Bush by a landslide. Reggie Bush did'nt deserve the Heisman Trophy, Tim Tebow earned the Heisman. ********************************************* Wow really. Reggie Bush is way better. Reggie won two nation championship games, and played in a total of three. Reggie Bush can catch, run, and return the football. He is faster then Tim Tebow too.

Should Bradford or tebow win the Heisman and why?

Tebow. He's a better college-type football player. Plus, it would be cool if he could win it 3 times.

Who is better Tim Tebow or Sam Bradford?

They are both great quarterbacks but you have to look at it in a couple ways. Tebow is better if you look at both his success and the teams success. I think Bradford is better based on his stats but he doesn't have 2 national championships.

Whos better colt mccoy pr Tim Tebow?

statistically colt mccoy

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