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Maybe, depending on the sport. But in most sports, playing against good teams makes you better.

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Q: Does playing with a good team make you better?
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Is my team good. What can I do to make it better. Tyranitar with focus sash Venusaur with poison barb Sylveon with fairy plate Gliscor with leftovers Greninja with shell bell Blaziken with blazikenite?

If you want to know if your team is good sit down and evaluate your teams strengths and weaknesses. To make your team better focus on the weaker aspects and team building.

How is playing a team sport good for you?

it is healthy for you and is good for your socilalising

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As of right now they will need help to make the playoffs. But every year a team can get better or worse.

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What team did Cristiano Ronaldo play better for?

Hard to say, but in my opinion i believe that he is playing better for Real Madrid. Even though he played very good for Manchester United. Hope this helps.

What they do if you are short fast and can shoot pretty good and are trying to make the team as point guard but others are better you at point guard?

You may be cut and not allowed to play on the team.

How good is south Koreas football team?

There the worst team you ever see playing

What is a better team Paraguay or Spain in FIFA 2010?

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It depends on how good you are or who is playing.

How do you join a team?

You can join a sport team if you play a sport and your really good at it then if someone comes and says would you like to play rep and if you say yes keep playing good and then pretty soon youll be playing for a national team for the sportyour really good at.