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Playing Baseball affects the enviorment by drinking a beer.

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Q: Does playing baseball affect the environment?
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Many different aspects of the environment affect the quality of a flute sound. For example, rain, drought, heat, and cold can all affect the pitch and quality, as well as the ability to stay in tune. Wind can have a similar effect, preventing a flutist from playing at full volume; the wind affects the airflow coming out of the flute.

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It will give you some awesome guns and get you really healthy.

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How do faults affect the environment

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how dose soil affect the environment

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the environment can affect the feature of a living organism

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believe it or not hydroelectric dams do affect the environment.

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Only if humans damage the environment with transport access, litter, or sewage does kayaking affect the environment.

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What is the progress for making cloth that affect your environment?"

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people die or axtyliunly amacdo.

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1. Science affect our environment through pollution

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how changes in the environment affect a community of organisms

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a natural harbour is natural so what would it do to affect the environment

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