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If they are passionate about it, yes. Teens have too much fun doing their favorite sport to be causing trouble. They're interested in if they are going to win or not or if the coach is going to make them captain. Whatever it is, they are more worried about their sport and having fun rather than doing dumb stuff and worrying their parents.

By Julissa A. from Bethel School

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yes, it does because they don't have time to do other things that are not good for them. they're usually too busy with practice and games.

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Q: Does participating in sports keep teens out of trouble?
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What is the importance of sports and teens?

Teens must keep active as their bodies are always growing. If a teen (or mostly anyone) does not keep active, it is easiest for teens to become obese.

Does participating in fine arts keep you out of trouble?

If you are determined to get into trouble regardless, then fine arts will not help. If you are motivated to stay out of trouble or get into less trouble, then fine arts can be a big help to you. If you are relying on fine arts to keep you out of trouble, you are on shaky ground and need to think more carefully. Only you can actually keep you out of trouble.

Is participating in sports good for you and why?

joining sports is good because it helps build teamwork and good sportsmanship. it will also keep you healthy.

How does playing sports keep you in school and out of trouble?

It is fun. That's why.

Does participating in after school activities keep teens out of trouble?

yes it keeps them more accupied on learning new tricks to show friends at there local skatepark rather than selling drugs or doing bad things on the streets. It is also very fun and will become the only thing you want to do in life than trouble.

Why do cops seem to hate teens?

I don't think that cops "hate teens." Cops have a responsibility and promise to keep neighborhoods and communities from harm and trouble, and adolescents are at usually the ones getting themselves into trouble more often. Often, teens are disrespectful of authority and want they're independence, I know I do.

Does curfews help teens get out of trouble?

Curfews can provide structure and limit opportunities for teens to engage in risky behaviors during late hours. However, the effectiveness of curfews in keeping teens out of trouble may vary depending on factors such as enforcement, communication, and support from parents and community resources. It's essential to combine curfews with open communication, clear expectations, and positive reinforcement to help teens stay safe and make responsible choices.

Where can I find an after-school program for my teen to keep him out of trouble?

You can find a after-school program to keep your teen out of trouble at your local YMCA. Another place to look would be if you know of any teen sports organizations such as baseball or softball and try with them.

Should 6th graders have school sports?

yes of course ! Sports keep kids active and out of trouble. LOLI think all schools should have sports.Hope this helpsGood luck

Do sports help others stay out of trouble?

yes. because in a school sport you have to have good grades and pay attend in class or you can get kicked off the team. ---- no,because when you are in a school you might think you are cool and as long as you are good at the spot then you cant get kicked off the team so you make bad dissions.

What are the plus sides of kids sports?

Socially (make friends) and also physically (improve health). Also it may "keep kids outta trouble"

Is Gatorade really better than water while doing sports?

Yes, it rehydrates you and contains electrolytes to keep you going. Water doesn't contain those extra electrolytes. However, when not playing sports, water is much healthier. Gatorade contains a lot of sugar so when not participating in sports, water is the healthier option.