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Q: Does notre dame football automatically go to national championship game if undefeated during season?
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How many college football teams have won the national championship undefeated?


When did College Football's National Championship happen?

College Football's National Championship happened in 1994.

When was the last time two undefeated teams played against each other in the college football championship game?

For the 2008 National title game

Which college football team won the national championship in 2004?

USC dfeated Oklamhoma 55 - to 18. Auburn (SEC) should of went that year they were undefeated.

When was College Football's National Championship created?

College Football's National Championship was created on 1994-05-06.

When was National American Football Championship of Romania created?

National American Football Championship of Romania was created in 2010.

When was Georgia bulldogs undefeated?

In 1980. That was the year that the Georgia Bulldogs won the National Championship.

Have any coaches won the college football championship as their final game?

Tom Osborne with Nebraska. He retired in 1997 after they went undefeated and shared the National Chapionship with Michigan.

Who won the National Championship in college football in 1942?

The Georgia Bulldogs claim the college football National Championship in 1942.

Has the University of Maine football team ever won a National Championship?

The Maine Bears have never won a National Championship in football.

Who won the 1997 National Championship football?

It was a split National Championship between Michigan and Nebraska.

What is the name of the national championship football game?

It is the "BCS National Championship Game." Beginning with the January 2015 game it will be referred to as "College Football Playoff Championship Game".

How many NCAA national football championships has University of Chicago won?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, the University of Chicago has one recognized national championship which was won in 1905 after the team completed an undefeated 11-0 season in which they also won what would later become the Big 10 Conference championship.

When did notore dame when its first national college football championship?

Notre Dame won its first College Football National Championship in 1924.

Who won the 1991 college football national championship?

Both the Miami Hurricanes and the Washington Huskies finished the season undefeated (12-0) and with the top ranking in a nationally recognized poll.

Who is tee Martin?

tee martin is the quterback that led the Tennessee vols to the 1998 undefeated national championship

How many people watch the college football national championship?

aproximatly 45 million people watched the 2007 College Football National Championship

Who won the 2014 ncaa football national championship?

The Florida State Seminoles won the 2014 NCAA football national championship.

Which NCAA Division 1 women's basketball team was the last to go undefeated and go on to win the national championship?

The last women's team to go undefeated and go on to win the national championship was the 2001-2002 Connecticut Huskies that went 39-0. Tennessee Volunteers were undefeated in 1998 and wre also 39-0.

Has university of Missouri ever won a national football championship?

Yes, they have by some services. In 1960, they were undefeated, after Kansas had to forfeit all of their games because of using an ineligible player. They won the Orange bowl against Navy 21-14, and were awarded a national championship by a few services.

How many times has Kansas won a national championship in football?

um yes he did do the championship at the football game with his team!.

Which college football team won the first ncaa football championship?

In 1869 Princeton and Rutgers split the college football National Championship. The first consensus (Coaches' and Media polls) National Championship was Oklahoma in 1950.

Who has the most national championship football titles?


Has Rutger's football won a national Championship?


When did Tennessee win a football national championship?