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No they do not.

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Q: Does nfl players still get paid if there is a lockout?
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Do coaches get paid if there is a NFL lockout?

do n f l players get paid at all during lock out

Do NFL players get paid if there is a lockout in2011?

The NFL said they would pay all players $200,000 but that won't matter because the lockout is supposed to end very soon according to ESPN

Why did the NFL have a lockout?

The NFL lockout was started because the players and the coaches wanted more money. the NFLPA is still determining whether to give them the money or not, due to the tight economy. If the NFLPA does not give the players and coaches the money, there will not be a 2011-2012 NFL season.

Is the NFL lockout still going on?

Yes it is

How many players can an NFL team invite to training camp?

90 players post lockout

Do NFL players get paid on their bye week?

yes because they still practice

Do NFL players get paid while on suspension?

Typically, NFL players don't get paid to play basketball.

Do NFL players get paid for making an interception?

No, they still make their base salary no matter how they perform

Who gets paid more nhl or NFL players?

football players get paid more

What is the nfl lockout rule?

A lockout is where the owners "lock" the players out of their facilities. A strike is where the players refuse to enter the owners facilities. same concept works for any job related labor disputes.

How are NFL players paid?

NFL players get paid after each game or season. The contracts are based on the teams and players agent agreement. Minimum salary per year in the NFL is $300,000.

Do NFL players get paid for Pro bowl?


Do NFL players get paid for interviews?

Yes, they do.

Are NFL tryout players paid?


Do injured NFL players get paid?


How often do NFL players get paid?

Football players get paid every week, the amount depends on the players' salaries.

What do NFL practice squad players get paid?

They get paid $5,000 a week

How much do NFL players get paid for probowl?

NFL players don't get paid to play in the Probowl, but some have it written into their contracts that the get bonuses for being chosen.

Do NFL players get paid while injured?


Do NFL players get paid every week?


What is the least nfl football players get paid?


How much do NFL players get paid in preseason?


How much are NFL players paid to be on madden?


What sports has the highs pay players in the world?

It depends. Some players in the nfl are paid higher than the players in the mlb. Some players in the mlb are higher paid than players in the nfl. It all depends on the player.

Does NFL players get paid more then NBA players?

It depends on how good you are at the sport