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Q: Does nfl coach wade Phillips have a super bowl ring?
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Who has a super bowl ring that wasn't a player a coach or an owner?

a hobo in san fransico

Did Mike Tomlin win a Super Bowl ring with the Pittsburgh Steelers as a coordinator?

No. Mike Tomlin won Super Bowl XLIII as the Steelers head coach. He won Super Bowl XXXVII as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive backs coach.

Does Herschel Walker have a Super Bowl ring?

No, he does have a Super Bowl ring.

Which coach did not get a Super Bowl ring with the Dallas Cowboys?

Cowboys head coaches without Super Bowl championships during their tenures: Chan Gailey (1998-99); Dave Campo (2000-02); Bill Parcells (2003-06); and Wade Phillips (2006-2010). Jason Garrett, who is the current head coach, won two Super Bowl rings as a backup quarterback for the Cowboys in the 1990s.

What is the most expensive Super Bowl ring?

the Pittsburgh steelers super bowl xliii super bowl ring

What NFL player has a super bowl ring as a player and a coach?

Neal Dahlen - 5 with the 49ers as player and coach, and 2 with the Broncos as GM.

Do Andy reed have a super bowl ring?

Yes, as offensive line coach for the Green Bay Packers that won Super Bowl XXXI over the New England Patriots.

What do players get when they win the super bowl?

They get a ring with there team logo on it and much ever money the NFL pays and the coach

How does a team get a Super Bowl ring?

By winning the Super Bowl.

Can you sell a Super Bowl ring?

probably yes you could sell a super bowl ring

Does Fitzgerald have a super bowl ring?

Larry Fitzgerald has not won a Super Bowl ring yet.

Will Al Harris get a Super Bowl ring?

No, Al Harris will not get a Super Bowl Ring because entering the Super Bowl he was not on the Packers roster.

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