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No it does not because just because it says mount Olympia's does not mean that they did the Olympics there

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Q: Does mount Olympus have anything to do with the Olympics?
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Related questions

Was the first Olympics held on Mount Olympus?

yes it was

Is there a Greek God of the Olympics?

There is not a god of the Olympics but there was many gods that lived on mount olympus

Why were the game orinally called the Olympics games?

mount olympus gave the olympics its name

Why did they call it the Olympics?

When they started the Olympics, it was first at a place called mount Olympus so that's why they called it the Olympics.

Were the Olympics held in mount Olympus?

No, they were at Olympia in southern Greece.

Which is the city to the first Olympics?

the first Olympics were held in Athens Greece right next to Mount. Olympus

Where Was the ancient greek Olympics held in?

It is held on mount olympus in a masive stadium hence the name olympics.

What does the word Olympics derive from?

The Olympics are so-called as a tribute to all the Greek Gods' residence of Mount Olympus.

What is Named after a mount which is home of the gods in greek mythology?

Mount Olympus is the home of the Greek gods. Maybe the Olympics?

Why are the Olympic games called the Olympics?

They were started in Ancient Greece on Mount Olympus

What were the prizes in ancient Olympics?

olive leaf wreath and a statue of themselves on mount Olympus.

Prizes in ancient Olympics?

a olive leaf wreath and a statue of themselves at mount Olympus

Why was Hephaestus threw from mount Olympus by his mother?

He was born lame, which caused him to limp. So his mother threw him off of Mount Olympics.

Did the greeks invent the olympics?

Yes and no. Technicly the olympians took over Mount Olympus and the Titans attacked them. The events where soon called the olympics.

Who was the the first person to invent Olympics?

Greece started the Olympics as a form of worship to the god Zeus. They named it the Olympics because the dwelling of the gods was Mount. Olympus.

Can you see mount Olympus on Mars?

i dont no but can you see anything from mars?????

Who was the ancient Olympics held in honor of?

The gods and goddesses of Greece, who lived on Mount Olympus, according to myths

What animals live on Mount Olympus?

for sure the animals that live on mount Everest do NOT LIVE ON MOUNT OLYMPUS. ugh. its not the same and im in school doing research and not finding anything.

Where is the ancient Greek olympic village?

i think you are wondering about mount Olympus, witch is where the ancient Greek Olympics were held.

Why are the games known as the Olympics games?

supposedly the gods on mount Olympus did challenges to either show their worth or for fun

What does the Olympics have to do with Greece?

Greece held the first Olympics. They were held in Olympia in honor of their gods which, lived on Mount Olympus. Only men were allowed to watch the Olympics because only men were in the Olympics and they wore nothing. They were nude.

Where is mount Olympus and mount dryad?

Mount Olympus is located in Greece on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia. Mount Olympus has an elevation of 9,573 feet.

Is mount Olympus capitalized?

only Olympus is capitalized not mount.

Where were the Olympics in ancient Greece was held?

Olympia, near Elis in the western Peloponnese. Not anywhere near Mount Olympus.

Who created the olymipics?

Greece had created the Olympics. The Olympics were created for the Greek gods. Especially for Athena. (Which the city, Athens, was named after.) The Greece made the Olympics as the games to 'amuse' the gods, also for their honor for them. In Greek, the Olympics are spelt as Ολυμπιακοί. Olympics are for Mount Olympus, that was also for the Greek gods domain. It was also called Olympics because of Olympia, Greece for the name. The Games were not only entertainment, but to show their power and strengths to the gods. Summary: Called Olympics - Mount Olympus & Olympia, Greece Created Olympics - The people of Greece (you could say the gods in a way)