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yes her sister is 17 and her brother is 14

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Q: Does mia talerico have a brother or sister and who are they?
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Do mia talerico have a brother or sister?

no mia talerico dosen't have a brother or sister at the moment!

What is mia talericos sisters name?

Mia Talerico has a sister named Aubrey

Does Mia Talerico have a brother?


What is a girl name that is seventeen and is Mia Talerico's sister?

Mia Talerico doesn't have a sister that is 17. she has a little sister that was born on September 8, 2012 and her name is Aubrey

What is mia talerico sister called?

Mia doesnt have sisters ot brothers

How many sisters or brothers does Mia talerico have?

A sister that is 17

What does Mia Talerico's sister look like?

She looks just like her. Her sisters name is Claire talerico

Who is Mia Talerico mom?

Mia Talerico's real mom is Claire talerico

How tall is mia talerico?

Mia Talerico is 3'1

Who is mia talerico's mum?

Mia Talericos mum is called claire talerico.

Does mia talerico have a twin?

Yes Mia does talk on good luck charlie. In the first season she would only have one to three word lines. In the second season and so on she has had three to five word (or more) lines.

What is Mia Talerico's birthday?

Mia Talerico was born on September 17, 2008.