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Q: Does messi plays for Manchester United now?
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Where is antiono Valencia right now?

He plays for Manchester United.

Who does Michael Owen play for now?

He currently plays for Manchester United.

Who did David beak ham play for when he was younger?

he plays for manchester united now but he used to play for ......

Who is Michael John Owen?

Michael john Owen is a footballer, who now plays for Manchester United.

Player moved from fulham to Manchester united to everton?

The French striker Luis Saha moved from Fulham to Manchester United and now plays for Everton. But as he is always a injury prone footballer, he misses alot.

Who is the vice captain of Manchester united now?

Manchester united vice captain is it giggs

What is Wayne Rooneys nickname?

Rooney's nickname is 'Hustler' because his agents and him harassed Manchester United into giving him a better contract and he succeded. He was counting his money in a pool in Dubai while Manchester United were playing Stoke away. Manchester United now pay him around £250,000 a week which is more than what Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo earn.

What country did Dwight Yorke play soccer for?

He use to play for Trinidad and Tobago I think he now plays for Manchester united

What team did David bekam play for?

If you mean David Beckham he used to play for Manchester United but now plays for LA Galaxy

What league teams has Diego forlan plyaed for?

Diego Forlan has played for Manchester united, Villarreal and now he plays for Athletico Madrid.

Is vidic playing for Manchester United now?

Yes, as of 3/1/10 he is still a Manchester United player.

What is the name of the professional English footballer who started his career with the Liverpool Football Club and who now plays as a striker for Manchester United?

Michael Owen.