Does mayo have salt

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Does mayo have salt
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Is mayo a mixture?

Yes it is. It contains egg, vinegar salt

What does Tuna salad consists of?

Tuna Mayo Lemon Salt Pepper

You made crab cakes they are very salt what can you doto kill the salt taste?

Use an unsalted mayo-based dipping sauce for them.

What are condiment?

Condiments are things that flavour your food. =Salt, pepper, herbs, sauces and mayo.

What do the Dutch usually put on their chips?

On their fries they (ofcourse) put salt and many people eat it with mayo.

What is condiments from nature?

Both salt and pepper, plus any herbs are "condiments from nature"

Can you make tuna? is very easy just buy tuna from the supermarket and mix it with mayo add some salt for some taste

Who invented mayo scissors?

The Mayo scissors were invented by Charles Horace Mayo and William Charles Mayo. They were brothers, doctors, and the founders of the famous Mayo Clinic.

How do you say mayo in spanish?


What is 'mayo' when translated from English to French?

"Mayo" in English means mayo, or mayonnaise in French.

What ingerdents to put in salad dressing?

Russian or thousand island dressing: Spoonfull of mayo Ketchup Relish Mix, salt and pepper it sounds gross, but really good.

Is jarod mayo and OJ mayo brothers?