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That;s an interesting question. I am happy you asked this. I am a major science wiz. I am 15 years old. I recently had a theory that weight lifting could improve growth if done properly and safely. I started weight lifting when I was 14 years old. One thing to make sure of is to lift weights your body can handle and weights that are not too light or way too heavy for you. I was lifting some heavy weights. Though I still grew an inch TALLER! I was 5'8 and grew to another inch over the summer. I am now 5'9. My shoulders got wider and stronger. My chest also got bigger and harder as a result of weight lifting. But doing weight lifting wrong can damage your growth plate and stunt your growth in the process. It won't stop but it will slow down as a result of damage. So if your doing it or want too do it. Then I suggest lifting weights good for you. Make sure you have an adult who has weight lifted before has more than enough experience with weights. Weight lifting is very good because our muscles need that kind of stress factor in order to improve in performance wise.

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Q: Does lifting weights help to make you taller?
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Can lifting weights make you taller?

NO, lifting weight won't stunt ur growth

Will lifting weights help you gain muscle?

Lifting weights will make your muscles contrast and burn fat from your body while strengthening the muscles at the same time. It will help you gain muscle.

Does ankle weights make you taller?

Using weights promotes growth.

Do eating bananas help when lifting weights?

No, but as any fruit they make you much more healthy and active!

Can lifting weights make you punch harder?


What should one eat to grow tall and big?

lots of protein and fruits and veggies is what you need to eat. plus drinking lots of milk make you grow taller. plus working out can help. lifting weights too. just eat healthy and stay in shape!

Do lifting weights make you stronger?

yes after week or so.

What can make you stronger?

Lifting up weights.

Why is stretching different from lifting weights?

Because lifting weights requires actual weights it puts resistance on the muscles to make them stronger bigger and more durable unlike stretching, these two are completely different from each other.

Will lifting weights before you are 16 make you short?

I have never herd of that, im 16 and i have been lifting weights for 2 yrs and it hasn't made me short I have never herd of that, im 16 and i have been lifting weights for 2 yrs and it hasn't made me short

Can weight lifting during your growth spurt make you taller?

not necessarily

Is lifting weights just for an hour for 1 year still make your muscles big?

Are you asking "Will lifting weights one hour per year result in increased muscle mass?" If so the answer is NO!

Does lifting weights make you skinny?

No it makes you have more muscels tending to make you weigh more.

Does lifting weights make you shorter?

No, the worst thing that'll happen is it will stunt your growth.

Does lifting weights make you stronger?

yes must of the time yes must of the time

How can a women gain weight naturally?

A woman can gain weight naturally by increasing their calorie intake. Also exercising and lifting weights will help to make lean muscle weight.

How fast will you see results weight lifting?

if you use HEAVY weights and keep you repititions from 8-10 you will gain muscles (but make sure you eat accordingly) if you use light weights and more reps it will help you with getting cuts!

Does lifting free weights make a woman look to masculine ?

You can lift the right amount of weights to make yourself look more defined and toned without being too muscular.

How does lifting weights make muscles bigger?

Yes, they break down muscles then they repair tougher.

Will lifting weights before you are 13 make you short?

no only if u lift too much

Is there a way to make yourself really strong for running?

Yes. Lifting weights is a good way.

If you skateboard does it make you taller?

Skateboarding will not make you taller. It might make you skinnier or help you lose weight, but if you are not still growing, you won't get any taller.

Do lifting weights above your head affect your height?

Lifting weights above your head will not affect your height. However it is not recommended that prepubescent or adolescent men/women do strength training. Building strong upper body muscles such as deltoids pecs trapezius biceps and triceps without building the proper muscles to support them can stunt spinal development, thus keeping you from being as tall as you could be. Note: If you lift weights over your head and happen to drop one, the knot on the top of your head would indeed make you taller.

Is it a myth or a fact from lifting weights you may get Testicle shrinkage?

Yes! I believe it is very possible! I have heard it from many guys who workout and lift weights regularly. I hear a lot that lifting weights can make the testicles shrink in size and the penis retract, therefore shrink. Ask yourself: Are big muscles worth small genitals?

What weights should you lift to lose weight?

Lifting weights will not help you lose weight, they would actually make you heavier because you will be putting on muscle mass. If you want to lose weight (hopefully body fat, not muscle), then you shoudl do cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, biking, swimming, etc.