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Yes they do, the intrest rates are high, but they are easy to deal with

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Q: Does les schwab have payment plans for getting new tires?
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How many people have stock in Les Schwab Tires?

As a private company, the exact number of individuals who have stock in Les Schwab Tires is not publicly available. Les Schwab Tires is not listed on a stock exchange, and its ownership structure is not disclosed to the public.

What is the price range for Les Schwab tires?

Les Schwab tire prices would depend on the type of vehicle you have and the type of tire you want. Les Schwab tires start at $39 and can go up to a few hundred dollars each tire.

Who owns les Schwab tires?

Founder Les Schwab died a few years ago leaving the ownership within his family.

Who makes Wildcat tires sold by Les Schwab stores?

The 'Wildcat A/S' that they sell is made by Cooper Tires. I have many good reports on Cooper Tires.

What brands of tires do Les Schwab Tire Stores sell?

Tire brands you have never heard of because they are tires made in Taiwan, and China.

What do you need to get a credit account with Les Schwab Tires?

Good credit And A record of paying bills on time.

How much will it cost to repair ball joints on a Lincoln mark viii?

Approx.$ 500.00 from les schwab tires but that is in Idaho

Where should I go for reliable rims and tires?

You can find reliable rims and tires at Les Schwab. Another good way to read about chrome rims is in car magazines and online at

Where can one purchase auto tires at a discount price?

Costo sells tires for cars at a discounted price and will put them on the car. If one does not have a Costco card or live near a Costco, Les Schwab has a good reputation for selling tires and will sometimes sell gently used tires, which you can buy at a discounted rate.

Where can one find the best discount tires?

The best discount tires can be found at the store Discount Tires. These stores offer a variety of tires for every make of car. They also offer many reasonable warranty plans for their tires.

Where can one purchase Ford F-250 wheels?

You can probably find tires for your Ford F250 pickup truck from any place that sells tires. This can be from a Ford dealership, Walmart Tire Center, Sears Tire Center, Les Schwab, and Meineke.

Is Les Swab the best place to purchase a rim and tire for your car?

The Les Schwab Company has been around since 1952. They are one of the leading independent tire dealers in the United States. The Les Schwab Company has an outstanding reputation and would be a great place to go for rims and tires.