Does lebron get out a lot?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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of closets? yes.

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Q: Does lebron get out a lot?
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How much does Lebron James bench?

a lot hes a beast

Who travels a lot in the nba?

James harden and lebron james

What is LeBron James culture?

Hip Hop with a whole lot of class

How many fans does LeBron James?

a lot of them more than 1000000

How many points did LeBron James score for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

a lot

How much does Lebron James bench press?

a lot hes a beast

Could Lebron James shot 3's?

he shoots lot of threes

Did delonta west and lebron James get into a fight?

No one knows for sure. There are a lot of rumors stating that Delonte West had an affair with Gloria James, LeBron's mother, but no one is certain.

How much will Lebron make if he wins the NBA Championship?

A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY he will make your momma

What was Lebron James's childhood like?

LeBron James did not have the best childhood. He went through poverty, moving a lot, and many challenges. LeBron has a single mother, Gloria, and she wasn't expecting him. LeBron's real father wanted nothing to do with him.He might not have even got here if it weren't for the role models in his life. Eddie Jackson ( the father-like character in LeBron's life and the Walkers ( the family LeBron went to live when he was thinking about quitting school because of the hardship going on in his home life.) One major challenge was LeBron and Gloria were living with Freda ( LeBron's grandmother) and on the night before Christmas Freda died. Eventually they had to move out because they could not afford the mortgage. The first Basketball set LeBron got was given to him that same year, by Gloria and Eddie, who were dating at the time. LeBron did not have the best childhood but with his strong supportive mother, look where he got!

What is lebron jame full name?

LeBron Raymone James

What is it to pull a lebron?

to pull a lebron- Choke