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Kissing doesn't change the shape, but it can't change the color by bruising them.

So don't attack the person's face that you're kissing, and you should be fine.

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Q: Does kissing changes lip's shape or color?
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Why is a valentine heart not the shape of a human heart?

i am guessing it isn't the same shape so it is more appealing to the eye, and not all gross looking like the real human heart, Actually if you see at Valentines the heart refers to the lips. Kissing is the shape of the lips, and the lips is used for kissing. Our Lips has become the symbol image for love because kissing is what we use our lips for. Kissing is the actual bond to true love between a couple rather than sex.

What is so cute about your lips?

Your lips the perfect shape of kissing a person. Not to big but not too small and a perfect pink, not hard or dry or slimmy.

Do spitting changes the color of your lips?

yes it does because the saliva,when touches the lips change colour

Can kissing on lips to lips leads to pregnancy?

No not just from kissing on the lips. But it could lead to intercourse which yes can lead to pregnancy.

Is kissing the lips good for a girl?

While kissing in the lips its express our feeling so they like it

Where should you put your lips when kissing?

Ummm on their lips?

Why do your lips swell when kissing?

Some peoples lips swell after kissing, other's don't. There is nothing wrong with it.

What muscle do you use when kissing?

The Obicularus oris is the muscle in your lips one uses for kissing.

How do you make lips to lips kissing?

by force or doing romantic things

Can you get sore lips from kissing?

It depends

Is gay kissing different?

no... At the end of the day lips are lips, however it can be different depending on the person you're kissing, regardless of gender.

Is kissing a good exercise?

Well I think that kissing is a good exercise for you lips.