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No, karate will not change or affect your height.

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Q: Does karate stops growing your height for age 10 -11?
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What is the last age to grow height?

You're asking: At what age do boys stop growing? Physical height generally stops at or around 18 but may vary on the individual's growth cycle and genes.

At what age does height stops in man?

at the age of 18 years, increase in height stops due the end of elasticity in bones.

Does growing of bones stops if you do gym in growing age?


Face stop growing?

its stops growing around the age of 25 and 32

Can height growing is possible after age 27?

No, you are done growing.

When does your nose stop growing?

Your nose typically stops growing in your late teens to early twenties. However, cartilage in your nose can shift and change shape with age, giving the appearance that your nose is still growing.

My age is 25 and my height is 5'10.5 can it grow nearly about 2 inches and how?

No, your penis stops growing when your about 20 years old. The only way to get it bigger is getting surgery done to it.

When does your growth stop?

You never really stop growing, but the average man stops growing at age 25.

What age does your penis sops growing?

The dick stops growing when you're around 18-19 years old

I am turning 14 in 5 months will i still grow?

At the age of 15 a person still has some growing to do. A person stops growing at the age of 18.

It said that your penis stops growing around 16 and im 16 and im small is it ture your penis stops growing at that age or no?

No, your penis will grow until you are 21 dude

At what age do muscles stop growing?

Muscles grow with your body and finish at the same time your body stops growing. That can be anywhere from 17-23 year old. The mass of the muscle can increase with exercise. Your body can increase in mass if you eat too much but you are not really growing in height or muscle length.