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No, there are no more issue than with karate then any other sport.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-22 18:08:28
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Q: Does karate cause any growth problems?
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Does studying karate restrict growth in kids?

Karate posses no more risk of injury or the stunting of growth then any other physical activity. I would suspect that this is a rumor spread by parents that don't want their kids to take karate!

Does karate increase height?

Not specifically. Any exercise improves overall fitness, which in a growing youth can be beneficial, but you wouldn't be able to credit karate with any additional growth.

Will learning karate at 5 stunt growth?

Learning karate, or participating in any other sport, will not stunt someone's growth. Like all sports and physical activity of all types, there are risks associated with them.

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Is there is any medicine for facial hair growth?

No, there is not any medication to cause facial hair growth.

Will karate retard the physical growth?

No more than any other sport or physical activity affects growth. Improved flexibility, health and strength are good things for physical growth, not bad.

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Does karate hamper the height of a toddler?

A toddler isn't really capable of learning karate. It requires knowledge and understanding, as well as good balance and muscle. Moderate exercise is good at any age and is not likely to affect their growth.

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