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FOR THE RECORD: OLYMPIC GAMES: 1924 gold (100m, 400m freestyle; 4x200m freestyle relay), bronze (water polo); 1928 gold (100m freestyle; 4x200m freestyle relay); WORLD RECORDS: 51; U.S. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: 52; Played Tarzan in 16 movies. Johnny Weissmuller holds no current world swimming records and by today's Olympic standards, you might say he never swam very fast, but you can't get anyone who ever saw him swim say that there ever was a greater swimmer. This was the verdict of 250 sportswriters at A.P.'s mid-century poll and it is still the verdict 15 years later.

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2009-03-30 04:52:10
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Q: Does johnny weissmuller still hold any swimming records?
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