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They were never boyfriend/girlfriend they have always been just friends. Cena is married.

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Q: Does john cena love kelly kelly now as a friend or as a girlfriend?
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Who is john cena's 2010 girlfriend?

Kelly Kelly John is not dating Kelly. John is married to his high school sweetheart Liz

Who is boy friend of kelly kelly in WWE?

John cena No Cena and Kelly Kelly have never dated!! Cena is happily married to his high school sweetheart and has been since 2009

Why did John cena break up with kelly kelly?

because John cena kisses Y Maria and Kelly Kelly gets mad in John cena

When did john cena tell KELLY he loved her?

Never. John Cena was never involved with Kelly Kelly

Who John cena a girlfriend?

john cena'$ girlfriend is mickie James

Does John Cena have a Girl Friend or a wife?

He has a girlfriend dumb oneHe has a girlfriend dumb one

Does WWE wrestler john cena have a girlfriend?

yes john cena does have a girlfriend.

What are ten questions you can ask about John Cena?

does john cena have a girlfriend? is he gay? does he have a myspace? does john cena have a girlfriend? is he gay? does he have a myspace?

Did kelly kelly and john cena go out?

No they did not!! Cena is married and Kelly is dating Justin Gaberial

Who were the girls with John Cena on Punked Could the young one be his girlfriend?

no, she is just a friend of his. he currently doesnt have a girlfriend.

Did kelly kelly and john cena date?


Who is john cena s girl friend?

he has no girlfriend, he is married to his highschool sweetheart Liz.

Is john cena married to kelly kelly?

NO. Actually John Cena is married to a woman that is not famous her name is Elizabeth.

Did John cena ever date Kelly Kelly?

Wrong, John Cena is currently Married to Elizabeth Huberdeau who is now names Elizabeth Cena

Is john cena and kelly kelly dating?

No but once they were

Did john cena kiss kelly kelly?

Yes they did

Did john cena and kelly kelly date?


Did john cena love kelly kelly?


Who was with john cena in cena vs rikishi rap battle?

John cena was with his girlfriend Maria

Are john cena annd kelly kelly still dating?

She never was dating John Cena. Anyway John is now married to Elizabeth Huberdeau

Will you be my best friend John cena?

yes i will from john cena

What is John Cena's girlfriend's middle name?

john cena why you lose the match

Do john cena have a girlfriend?


Who is john cena favorite WWE diva?

kelly kelly

Kelly kelly ever kissed john cena?

no your gay