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If they are copies you taped of the tv, yes it is a violation. If you purchase a game tape from an authorized NFL retailer, you can re-sell it, but cannot keep or make a copy. You can buy your original copy but not make several copies and sell all of them.

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Q: Does it violate copyright to sell copies of NFL games?
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Can you make copies of old magazine advertisements for resale?

You can sell the old advertisement, but to make copies and sell the copies is very much copyright infringement. You could probably get aay with it for some time. But if you ever got caught the fines can be severe.

How am I infringing on copyright laws if I'm selling an item on eBay?

If what you're offering to sell on eBay (or anywhere else) is an unlawfully made copy of copyrighted materials, then offering to sell it is an infringement of the copyright owner's exclusive right to sell copies to the public. The so-called "first sale doctrine" (e.g., in the USA, 17 USC 109) does not apply to illegal copies.

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Yes, due to the copyright laws

Is copyright law criminal or civil law are you tried in criminal or civil courts?

Copyright law is a civil matter. But sometimes it can stray into criminal law, if for example you download a movie illegally that is a civil matter, but if you then sell copies of that movie it is criminal. To clarify, in the UK it is not illegal to buy 'pirate' DVDs but it is illegal to sell them.

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If you mean "Can you sell a pattern copyrighted by someone else?" the answer is yes but only with permission. If you mean "Can I create a pattern from scratch, copyright it and sell it?" the answer is yes.

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Online walkthrough for video games are legal. They do not violate video game terms in anyway. Places like GameStop and Wal-Mart sell these guides, too.

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If you control the copyright, anywhere. If you don't control the copyright, and don't have a license, nowhere.