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Does it look right? Why are you so obsessed with how things look? If you are having fun, then who cares what other people think. But since you ask...I wear size 11 which is close, but I don't use small decks when I skate. I typically use an 8.25 x 32. It's a bit larger than the standard decks and a little more proportionate for my 6' + size. I have seen pro skaters that are overweight, I think that looks stranger than having size 12 feet. The best thing you could do, is quit caring what people think, learn some great tricks and pull them off with consistency, and then when people make fun of size 12 feet you pop out your arsenal and prove that it doesn't matter, you are still a pimp.

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Q: Does it look right if you skateboard in size 12 shoe's?
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What is the the average size skateboard for a 13 year old?

7.5 or 7.63- Depends on shoes size but those are good sizes for that age.

Why is it important shoes are the right size?

It is important to wear the right size shoes, because other wise if you don't your bones in your feet will deform.

What is the smallest skateboard size?

The smallest skateboard size is about 7 inches in width by about 24 inches in length. The skateboard is legal size for contests and events.

Do nike skateboard shoes run small?

In my past experiences in addition to my friends, they run about a half size off. My size 9 fits like a size 8.5 and so on and so forth.

Are there any online shoe stores that have cute shoes for women size 12 and up?

You can get size 12 shoes at I think their shoes look nice. also has size 12 shoes and even size 13 in womens.

Does it look right to skateboard in size 12 shoe if you are 14?

You cant do anything about it anyway. Who actually will care if you have big feet for your age? And if anyone does then they are silly and dont take any notice.

Will a 8.0 by 32.0 skateboard be right for a size 11 foot size and 5 foot 9 in height?

NO GET a 7.75 its a perfect size i have the same size feet and its perfect

where does someone buy size nine west shoes?

If a person is looking for size nine shoes then a good place to look for this is going to be at west shoes. west shoes offers many different styles and sizes of shoes including size nine.

How do you figure out your size in vans shoes?

look on the shoe box,if not, look in inside the shoe

What skateboard size should you ride if you are size ten in mens shoes?

Whatever feels comfortable to you.... i wear thirteens and i ride whatever i think looks good and most of the time i get in between a 7.5 or 7.75

How do you find out what size you are in DC shoes?

You Look At The Bottom Of The Shoe Or Look at The Tag Inside The Tongue..

Skateboard deck size?