Does it hurt to hit water when you dive?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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If you dive correctly (with your hands straight out in front and your chin tucked in a little) then no. Of course it all depends on the height of the dive.

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Q: Does it hurt to hit water when you dive?
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Why does it hurt when you belly flop into a swimming pool but it doesnt hurt when you make a clean dive?

their is no air in the water

Why does it hurt to dive into a pool on your stomach?

Because the surface area of you stomach on chest need to displace enough water to go under. That moment you hit the water hurts because you might as well bellyflop onto solid concrete. (of course, the water instantly moves around your body after you hit the water.). The more streamlined your dive is, the faster water will move out of the way, which means you won't get slapped by it instead.

Why you should not dive in the shallow water?

You should not dive in shallow water because we know that it's dangerous but, you'll hit your head.

Do water guns hurt?

Toy water guns with water in them only hurt if they hit you in the eye.

If you pierce your belly button does it hurt to dive in softball?

A new piercing and you want to dive on it? Yes it will hurt the piercing.

How do you go underwater in Pokemon?

Bring a Pokemon with Dive to where there is dark water and hit A, then choose Yes.

What causes the water to hurt when you fall from a long distance?

When you fall from a long distance into water, the impact causes water to act like a solid surface, making it feel like hitting concrete. This can lead to injuries such as bruises, fractures, or internal damage due to the force of impact and the velocity at which you hit the water.

Why does your ears hurt when you dive deep under water?

This happens because the pressure in the water is much greater than the pressure inside your ear, so the air presses onto the cartilage flaps on the inside of your ear, and then, that's why it starts to hurt.

Where to get dive in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The HM Dive is not in SoulSilver or HeartGold, for there is no deep water to dive into.

How do you dive deep into the water in Pokemon black?

You have to go to Undella and get the HM dive. Then you can dive (:

How do you get to the big dive spot in the ocean currents in Pokemon emerald?

get a water Pokemon yhe TM dive and well dive under the water

What is a back dive?

when you dive into the water going forward. usually touching your toes and then diving in.