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Cape Town contain thick air density due to being at low altitued Hit Golf ball with 8 iron for distance 120 m Johannesburg contain thin air density due to being at higher altitued Hit golf ball with 8 iron for distance 130m Therefore increase 10m on each iron when visiting JHB to play golf

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Q: Does heat affect how far a golf ball goes?
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Does heat affect golf ball flight?

Well the warmer it is the easier and further the ball flies.

Does heat effect the distance a golf ball travels?

Yes it does. If it is warmer the ball will go further, also if you are higher up the ball will go further as the air is thinner. When its cold it is better to heat up your golf ball before you play as it will go further.

Does the temperature of the golf ball affect its rebound?

A warmer ball will come off the clubface with more velocity and spin than a colder ball, encouraging loft. The ball's temperature also has an effect on bounce. Heat gives the ball more elasticity, creating a ball that bounces more and travels longer.

How does heat affect a metal?

Heat makes a metal expand. If you take a metal ball and an metal loop that the ball fits in and then heat the ball and try to put it back in the loop it will not go back through. :)

Is heating golf balls against the rules?

Yes, you would be disqualified for doing so. This is because you are changing the playability of the golf ball, which means it no longer conforms to the rules of golf. Not! You cannot heat or cool the ball DURING play. Preconditioning the ball prior to the round is ok. You are not going to affect the ball enough to change it's rules conformity. You've probably heard it's not a good idea to leave graphite shafted clubs in cold conditions. Well, bringing them in the house is preconditioning, right? It's ok. I leave my golf balls on a heat register the previous day and over night if I'm going to play a cold round.

What happens if a tennis ball goes into a furnace?

The excessive heat will implode the ball due to internalized pressure being exerted inside and outside of the ball.

Why does heat affect the height a tennis ball bounces?

Because the temperature affects the height of the tennis ball because the more heat the more the air pushes out when bounce the colder the less

How does temperature affect the bounce of balls?

The heat sometimes exspands the ball because it is made of ruber

Will heat deflate or inflate a ball?

Heat rises it will inflate a ball. The cold will deflate a ball

How does heat affect the movement of molecules in a rubber?

Heat does not affect it. It expands with coolness. It contracts with heat.

Does the momentum change or stay the same when a golf club hits the golf ball?

The energy of the moving club slows, because some energy must be transferred to the ball. (the second law of thermodynamics will show this). It even slows as it travels through the air, because of entropy, and energy being released into the air in the form of small amounts of heat.

Will different heights affect the bounce of the ball?

The height you drop the ball from will affect the bounce height this is because as the drop height increases so does the bounce height it is all to do with energy transfers. Also the waste energy is the sound and heat energy hope this helps.

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