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Because it puts alot of pressure on the growth plates in your body with excessive hard landings

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Q: Does gymnastics cause stunted growth
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Can vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause stunted growth?

Yes,vitamin A's deficiency cause stunted growth

At what age can a child start gymnastics without stunting growth?

There is some disagreement as to whether a child taking part in gymnastics will have stunted growth. Some people believe that long hours of training, or injury prior to puberty may cause damage to the growth plates in bones and cause them to close before the individual has reached their full height. Therefore, the age at which the child begins puberty would be the age when growth would not be affected.

Can stress and depression cause stunted growth in a teenager and by how much?

Yes in the hell it can

What happenes when a boy takes steroids?

Can cause stunted growth increased acne and organ problems.

What would happen if a plant was without phosphates?

lack of nutrient will cause stunted growth and poor yield

A sentence with stunted?

His growth was stunted from drinking too much coffee as a child.

How does cancer cause?

I'm not sure I understand the question. But cancer can cause multiple symptoms. Such as, tiredness, aches, muscle pains, and stunted growth in some areas.

Can you give me a sentence with the word stunted in it?

My friend stunted in her growth because she drank to much coffee.

Can malnutrition cause permanent stunted growth in puppies?

No I'm pretty sure it cant but you should probably go check with your vet about it!

Stunted growth of an animal is due to?

The growth of an animal can be stunted if they don't get enough food rich in proteins. It can also be due to malfunction of pituitary gland which releases growth hormone. Such cases lead to dwarfism.

Will your growth be stunted if you lift weights at age 14?

your growth most likely will not be stunted, as long as you still get about 8 hours of sleep lying down every night

What are some effects of chemotherapy on a developing fetus?

The effects of chemotherapy can range between complications in development of a fetus including stunted growth or abnormal growth in the fetus. Chemotherapy can also cause a miscarriage.

Why trimming the roots can cause dwarfing?

when the roots are trimmed there is less absortion of plants nutrients and this results into stunted growth hence causing dwarfing of the plant

What can stop normal cells from growing?

Stunted growth.

Why did Genie face stunted mental and physical growth?

She was isolated from society.

WHAT CAn stop normal cells from growing cells?

Stunted growth.

Trees that are located in the cities and exhibit stunted growth and abnormal leaves and buds have probably been affected by?

Trees that are located in cities and exhibit stunted growth and abnormal leaves and buds have probably been affected by lack of proper nutrients.

What are the symptoms of plants that are dificient in nitrogen?

stunted growth, yellow leaves

What are the symptoms of nitrate deficiency in plants?

Stunted growth and yellow leaves.

Is it true that a child's growth is stunted if they are involved in any form of gymnastics during puberty?

I found this really interesting website about this. It seems that high level gymnasts do indeed have their growth stunted. If you go to and put in 'stunted growth gymnastics ' you will get a lot of information. As a high level gymnast, I have concluded that it does stunn your growth. I disagree. I have been a gymnast for 14 years, and YES I am short but gymnastics is not the only factor involved. I did a 10 page report on this last year and concluded that 1). small children are attracted to the sport and 2.) gymnastics may play a tiny part in being a bit shorter but I would say about 95% of it is genetics. ANOTHER ANSWER: I have not checked out the abovementioned websites, But I have heard of girls and young ladies that really push themselves physically, training, doing gymnastics as well as long-distant runners who push their bodies to the MAX, have been shown to MISS a period or even two. When girls back off on the over-workouts, and listen to their bodies, their menses cycles will come back to normal. I have not read about permenant damage. Ask your doctor. Hope this heelps!! <<>> ANOTHER ANSWER: im 15 and i did gymnastics my whole life until recently. im 5'9". so im obviously not short. but however i did start puberty late and barely have a chest but the rest of my family has HUGE chests. I dont know if they are related or not.

Does gymnastics stunt your growth or is it the diet of gymnast?

Gymnastic does affect your growth because by doing gymnastics your height stops growing.

Are plants in North Pole?

Some plants with very stunted growth exist.

Use pollination in a sentence?

Without sufficient pollination, the growth of the corn is stunted.

What happens when a plant lacks nitrates?

Stunted growth and yellow older leaves (:

What does marasmus do to the body?

Marasmus produces a very skinny child with stunted growth.