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Genetics do directly affect a person's potential for muscular development, but also note that most people have quite similar genetics in this respect. Most people respond similarly to exercise.

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Q: Does genetics directly affect potential muscular development?
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Muscular Development was created in 1964.

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It is possible to take muscular development training classes to know about muscular development. Iron quest fitness, Shape sense, Total Joint Fitness are some of the good places for knowing about muscular development.

Do genetics play a large role in potential muscular development?

Every human being does have a slightly different genetic potential regarding building up of muscle fibres. You can compare 2 people (not essentially bodybuilders!), let them train, rest, eat etc. exactly the same, but one will get stronger and the other one not. This is due to the genes and body composition.

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Elaine Myrtle Edwards Hutton has written: 'Duchenne muscular dystrophy' -- subject(s): Muscular dystrophy, Medical genetics

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a dystrophinopathy, is normally associated with both Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophies. Dystrophinopathy literally means "abnormal development disease" generally related to muscular development in pediatrics.

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