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If you gain muscle mass then it will stretch it. But if you gain a lot of muscle mass then it will stretch it and make it fade color. Depending on how much muscle mass you gain will depend on how much it stretches and fades. the tattoo should stretch to fit with your new size. however using steroids will cause the tattoo to stretch too far in one direction or another, thus permanently disfiguring it. whether it will fade i dont know. but the tattoo will resize with you skin (Assuming natural muscle growth).

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Q: Does gaining muscle mass affect the appearance of a tattoo?
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Will roid use affect your chest tattoo?

I am getting a tattoo on my chest (left pec) next week, and am planning on doing a cycle of roids, gaining around 20lbs within a month, will this stretch or mess up my tattoo at all, and if so is there a way to prevent the stretch marks?

Does a tattoo on calf muscle hurt?

Whether or not it hurts depends on your tolerance of pain. That said, getting a tattoo on a muscle is the least painful place to get one.

Can tattoo ink induce muscle growth?

No. It does nothing but stay under the skin as a tattoo.

Can you get a tattoo on your finger?

Yes, you can get a tattoo practicaly any where but it will hurt more if there is not much skin or muscle.

How much does a shoulder tattoo cost?

The price of shoulder tattoo will vary depending on what tattoo shop they are getting the tattoo at. The size will also affect the price.

Is it bad to get a tattoo during your period?

You're monthly cycle will not affect the tattoo.

Does time affect how hard it is to take a tattoo off?

Time usually does affect, how hard it is to take a tattoo off. Especially if the size of a tattoo, is pretty big and might have soaked into your skin over time.

What is wrong if my tattoo work seems to bulge after it has set giving it a bad look?

If a tattoo is bulging it is very likely that the tattoo artist went too deep when he did the work. That could have resulted in scar tissue which will give the appearance of the tattoo bulging out.

What are some cultural practices of the maori people?

They tattoo their face to enhace their appearance.

Can one inject a vaccine through a tattoo?

Yes, but it may alter the appearance of the tattoo, also you won't be able to see if there is an adverse reaction to the vaccine- redness, etc because the tattoo will mask the reaction.

Could getting a tattoo affect you if you have epilepsy?

Having a tattoo will not help you in any way to get well.

Does getting a tattoo affect how you behave?

No. It will only affect the top layers of skin. It doesn't affect behaviour. If someone displays changes after having a tattoo than I would suggest that these problems were already part of their psyche.

When your underage can you get a note from a parent giving permission to get a tattoo?

Yes. It is possible to get a tattoo with the permission of a parent/guardian. Although if you're too young your body may still be changing and could change the appearance of the tattoo later on.

Does taking anabolic steroids affect tattoo removal?

No. It does not affect the same in any way.

Can your tattoo on your hip affect your ovaries?

No, tattoos are in the skin.

Does getting a tattoo or piercing affect your brain?

Not at all:)

Can having a tattoo affect getting a green card?


Will clorine affect a brand new tattoo?

yes it will draw out the ink, plus you have to think of the tattoo as an open wound, my new tattoo is almost healed after nearly 2 weeks.

I am a skinny guy If I get a tattoo now. In the future if I develop some muscle or got big will there be any change in the tattoo. I mean will the art on your body is the same or it will be disrupted?

If it's on an area that is curved, like your bicep, shoulder, thighs, etc., then yes it will stretch with the muscle. This is not to say that it will be goofy looking, but it will distort slightly if there is enough muscle in the given area.

Can you become a police officer with a tattoo on your neck?

It depends on local department policy, there is no law regarding appearance.

How would pregnancy affect a tattoo on the side of your stomach?

your skin will stretch and so will the tattoo, in some cases once the baby is delivered and you loose wait, the tattoo will look normal again

How much does a tattoo artist make a year?

money for tattoo'sTattoo artist can make around 20,000 a year but your location can affect alot of your business

Can diabetes affect a tattoo?

Best bet ask your doctor

Can sea water affect tattoo?

Well, it depends on the type of tattoo. permanant:sea water cannot take off your skin so no. Any unpermanent tattoo that isnt water proof will dissolve in the sea water.

Can getting a tattoo effect your ability to have children?

No. But having children may affect the shape and size of the tattoo because of the changes the woman's body goes through.