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Yes, things such as longer grass and water on the greens will slow a ball down.

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Q: Does friction cause a golf ball to slow down?
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How is it possible to hit a golf ball on the moon?

It works the same way it does on Earth. The momentum of the club is transferred to the golf ball and it travels. And it isn't slowed down by the friction of air.

Will a golf ball or a ping pong ball go the farthest?

A golf ball will fly further than a ping pong ball. The low mass/weight of a ping pong ball makes it more susceptible to air friction. This greater drag on the ball slow it down sooner than the golf ball.

How does drag and friction effect a golf ball?

Drag and friction has a curving effect on a golf ball. The ball may make a curved trajectory as it flies through the air, mostly taking the direction of the wind.

What is the force on a golf ball when hit?

if the golf ball is hit into the air, the forces on the golf ball are pushing (when the golf ball is hit) and air resistance (when it is flying through the air). when the ball hits the ground and starts to roll, the only force acting on it is friction.

What is friction in golf?

What is friction in golf? This seems like a simple question on the surface (pun intended). Deep down, it is a very, very complex question which could have numerous answers and explanations.To understand how friction factors into golf, an understanding of friction is necessary. Friction generally refers to the physical resistance between objects in motion which come in contact with each other. Each object will have a direct effect on the motion, or ability to move, of the other object.Friction plays a big part on how golf is played, and on how the equipment performs. Here are a few of the major elements of the game in which friction plays a large role.Ball FlightThere is friction when a golf ball travels though the air. This friction occurs between the surface of the golf ball, and the particles which make up the air it is traveling through. Air which is thicker or more dense provides more resistance to the golf ball through friction. This resistance causes the ball to travel shorter distances. More moisture in the air means more resistance and an even shorter ball flight. Air density is affected by gravity. Farther from the earth�s surface gravity is lessened, resulting in thinner air. Thinner air provides less friction and resistance, resulting in the ball traveling farther. Because of the differences in air density due to altitude, the golf ball generally flies shorter closer to sea level.Ball RollOnce a ball hits the ground there is considerably more resistance and friction. This friction occurs between the surface of the golf ball and the ground. Because the ground causes far more friction and resistance than the air, a golf ball will travel a considerably longer distance airborne than it would rolling on the ground.The makeup of the ground where the ball is rolling can have varying levels of friction. For instance a sand trap would have more friction than a tightly mowed grassy area. That friction prevents the ball from travelling very far, which is why most shots which land in sand traps tend to stay in them and not bounce out.Similarly, longer grass produces far more friction than shorter grass. The ball will travel shorter distances in longer grass because of the increased resistance and friction.Club-Ball FrictionFor the split second that the golf club comes in contact with the golf ball at impact, there is a tremendous amount of friction. Impact friction is an interaction between the golf ball�s surface and the face of the golf club.When a golf club strikes a golf ball, this friction and resistance can greatly affect the flight of the ball due to the amount of spin imparted on the ball. For instance, a club glancing across the ball will create a side-spin, due to the friction and interaction between the club and the ball. That side-spin can cause the ball to curve in a particular direction, depending on the angle that the club cut across the ball. This is how draws (slight curves from right-to-left for right-handed players), fades (slight curves from left-to-right for right handed players), hooks (large curves from right-to-left for right-handed players), and slices (large curves from left-to-right for right-handed players) are produced.

Does friction move a golf ball hit by a tee?

No it is push

Does a golf ball fly farther in hot or cold?

A golf ball fly further in warmer air than cooler air due to the friction caused by denser cold air. Playing in colder temperatures you should club down to increase carry lost due to temperature variable

What causes a flower to fall slower to the ground than a golf ball?

Air resistance. (friction).

Why do you pull your golf balls?

When u get tired u tend to pull a golf ball. It is usually cause u r to close to the ball.

What happens when you hit a golf ball in space?

It goes a long way! In most cases there is not any atmospheric friction to slow the ball down. Unless being affected by the gravity if nearby planets, or hitting another object, it will continue in a straight line forever.

Why is it possible to hit a golf ball much further on the moon than on earth?

Because there is no atmosphere to slow the ball by friction and the gravity is lower so the ball is less affected

How does friction affect a car golf ball and rubbing hands?

However if the ball does not slip up the clubface during contact then a "Friction Force" must be pulling on the ball in a Tangential direction (down the clubface) at the surface of the ball to keep it from slipping up the clubface. This "Friction Force'' will spin the ball (backspin) on separation. If the ball slips up the clubface during contact then this Friction Force is much reduced and hence the ball will not spin (backspin) nearly as much on separation. The grooves in the clubface will help the ball grip (Larger Friction Force) the clubface better and prevent the ball from slipping up the clubface during contact. The nature of the surface of the ball (e.g. if it is soft and "sticky") will also influence how effectively the ball grips the clubface during contact and so influences the amount of backspin on the ball at separation.

What Are the forces when a golf ball is in the air?

gravity, momentum, wind, air friction, spin. that's all i can think of.

Why does a golf ball's trajectory path sometimes curve when hit by a golf club?

The club may strike the ball in such a way as to induce it to spin. This affects the aerodynamics of the ball, and can cause its path to curve.

What happens when you flush a golf ball down a toilet?

It goes down into your septic system.

What can be hit by a golf ball and knock down boxes?

the mailman.

How does gravity affect a golf ball in the air?

it pulls it down ...

What is the rule if the ball moves when in your down swing and you carry on and hit the golf ball?

nothing you play the ball from where it lies from where you hit it

Is a titleist golf ball or a bridgestone golf ball better?

It all comes down to personal choice. Titliest is a bigger brand and is preferred by a lot of top players.

Which ball rolls down a slope faster a golf ball or a tennis ball?

It really depends on the size of the slope and the surface terrain but the golf ball should be fast sinces it is heavier. Tank you very much

What falls faster a golf ball or ping pong ball?

In vacuum (no air) they both fall the same rate. In air, the golf ball falls faster because air resistance slows down the very light ping pong ball

Why do you top a golf ball?

You are not staying down through the ball, you are lifting or rocking back before contact.

What is the function of a golf ball?

to play golfPeople uses a golf ball by ....the function of a golf ball is so people can ENJOY golf & can play golf !!:) This is the function of the golf ball more details you could say in order to play golf you need a golf ball, so golf ball is an important item in GOLF !!:)

How do you fix swinging down on the golf ball?

Just last week i was playing some great golf, but i played a few days ago and i shanked the ball for the first time in years. I narrowed my problem down to my downswing. Can anyone help me out with this???

How many people die each year playing golf?

the average year about 900 people die playing golf. The most common cause is when someone hits the ball and it goes down your throat, hitting theesophagus, sadly, its quite a relevant issue and needs to be adressed.