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No. Speed and force cause a Bowling ball to roll down a lane. Friction may cause a bowling ball to change course on a lane though, and also slow it down.

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Q: Does friction cause a bowling ball to roll down the lane?
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What are uses of friction?

Friction is when you roll a bowling ball down an bowling alley or when you kick a soccer ball. Hope this helped

What are sources of friction?

Driving a car down the street is a source of friction. Rolling a bowling ball down the lane is also an example of friction.

What is an example for friction using bowling balls?

Two come to mind, the ball slows down as it goes further down the alley. as the ball spins, the friction generated causes the ball to curve.

Which force slows down a ball when it moves?

Friction cause the ball to slow down

How does friction apply to bowling?

when a bowling ball(reactive ball) goes down the lane, generally the first 38-41 ft are covered with oil. The other 15 ft, the backend or dry is what the ball "hooks" or Reacts off of. the coverstock of the ball expounds the oil on the ball and the fricition between the ball and lane cause the ball to "hook"

What is a bowling ball?

A bowling ball is a ball that is used in the game of bowling, where you roll the ball down an aisle and try to knock down as many pins as you can.

Why does a bowling ball move without acceleration when it rolls along a bowling alley?

It moves with negative acceleration because the friction from the surface is slowing it down.

What roll down faster soccer ball or bowling ball?

Bowling ball

What do you do to the bowling ball to knock the pins down?

You deliver the bowling ball down the lane to knock the pins down.

Does friction cause a golf ball to slow down?

Yes, things such as longer grass and water on the greens will slow a ball down.

Which will have the greater acceleration rolling down the incline a bowling ball or volleyball?

The bowling ball

Does a ball rolling down a hill cause static friction?

Friction is one force causes a ball to roll downhill. The smaller the static friction coefficient, the more liable the ball will be to skidding instead of rolling. Static friction is involved in a ball rolling downhill.

What is a bowling lane?

It is the isle you roll your ball down when bowling

If you kick a soccer ball down the field what two things will cause it to slow down?

friction and gravity

How does the weight of a bowling ball effect how many pins it knocks down?

That depends on how heavy your bowling ball is. If it is a 6 pound ball, it will not knock down as many pins as you would want it to. If you had a 14 pound ball, chances are you will knock down more pins with a heavier bowling ball.

Why does bowling ball move without acceleration when it rolls along a bowling alley?

Strictly speaking, it moves with negative acceleration. The forces of friction and air resistance both act to slow the ball down. If the lane were long enough, the ball would eventually come to a complete stop.

The energy associated with a bowling ball knocking down bowling pins is?

The bowling ball transfers its kinetic energy (energy of movement) to the stationary bowling pins.

Why is a bowling ball bettter for knocking down pins than a ping pong ball?

The bowling ball is better for knocking down pins because it is larger and alson has a larger mass

How does gravity affect bowling?

The mass of the ball is pulled towards the green which helps to slow the ball down. So apart from friction with the green we also have air resisting the balls forward movement.

Friction always act in a direction?

Friction always acts in the direction opposite to the the motion of the object.For example, if a bowling ball rolls to the right, friction would act to the left.Without friction, if you threw a ball, it would keep going forever. Friction slows objects down.

Is there any friction in soccer?

Friction is in the grass. Friction slows the ball down.

What quality of a bowling ball enables it to plow through a set of pins without slowing down?

The bowling ball does slow down. Momentum is conserved. It's just that it's a heavy ball so it has a lot of momentum, and the pins are light so overall the ball doesn't slow down enough for us to notice.

When a bowling ball collidies with a bowling pin?

it tries to knock all the pins down

Does the mass of your bowling ball make any difference in your bowling?

yes, the heavier your bowling ball is the more pins you are likely to knock down. A greater mass gives the ball power when driving into the pins.

If a bowling ball and ping-pong ball are rolled down the highway at identical speed which ball has the greatest amount of kinetic energy?

The bowling ball because it has more mass