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yess of course

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2012-07-31 07:26:20
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Q: Does football take more skill than rugby?
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Can you wear football cleats for rugby?

Yes you can, they will only make you take off the toe stud from the football cleat.

What does it take to play college football?

it takes alot hard work and skill to play college football

Who were the first countries to be on the international Rugby football board?

On 5 December 1887, committee members of the Irish Rugby Union, Scottish Rugby Union and Welsh Rugby Union met in Manchester and wrote up the first four principles of the International Rugby Football Board. However, England refused to take part in the founding meeting of the IRFB, because they felt that they have more play registered clubs and therefore should have greater representation. Basically they wanted more power whilst that other country was equality. In 1890 England joined the IRFB, gaining six seats while the other unions had two each. The main rules of the game were then formalised.

Is crafting a member's skill on RuneScape?

Its free to play skill but if you are member you'll have more things to train which take short time

Why is football called football when you barely you your hands?

Because it began as a kicking-oriented game on American college campuses in the 19th century. It didn't begin to take its current form until the colleges drew up a standardized set of rules in the 1870s, based on the English rugby code. Rugby, of course, is really "rugby football," and since everyone already called the game football, the name stuck. It probably didn't seem odd back then, since the game still remained more heavily oriented toward kicking, until the legalization of the forward pass in the early 20th century. It has absolutely nothing to do with the length of the football, which is not a foot long anyway.

What are some of the more popular sports?

Some of the more popular sports, depending on which country you're from, would include American football, football (soccer), baseball, basketball, rugby, ice hockey, Australian rules football. Even though some sports are not very popular, it really comes down to where you live. For example, take auto racing, NASCAR is popular in the United States, but Formula One is more popular outside the US.

Can you put two blades together on a skill saw?

Sounds dangerous. There are special slotting saws, that look like skill saws, that are designed to take more than one blade. A regular skill saw is designed to take one blade.

What sports take place?

If yOu Mean all sports then tough luck dude but here r somke that i know of: Tennis Rugby Football Basketball Benchball Cricket Golf and there are LOADS more but I can't be bothered to list them all :D

Why do rugby players take caffeine supplements?

Rugby players take caffeine supplements to keep them awake during games. Rugby games are usually at least 2 hours.

Which is more coolrugby or football?

Rugby duh.who wants to go prancing around on a football pitch when you can play a real sport like rugby.Football players get payed millions, take Christiano Ronaldo he earns £119,000 that's about £6.2 million a year.Its a discrace that people who actually work hard for a living get paid £300 a week when football players get payed huge amounts of money.

Which is better soccer or football?

this is a matter of choice of course, soccer (also known as football to 75% of people around the world) is the most popular sport in the world today, as where "football" is very North American, many people wonder why it is called "football' in the USA and Canada when their feet are rarely used just to kick the ball once in a while! depends on what you think personally i think football but basically its your opinion and you cant just ask someone else what they think because its meant to be your opinion. Football demands far more skill than gridiron [steroid ball]. You have to be fit to play football and have technical abilities. Depends on what you mean. If you are comparing American football with normal football (aka soccer), then undoubtedly, if you take a global perspective, the answer is normal football, or soccer.If you are wondering what to call the sport, then call it football. Do not call it soccer. If you are looking to avoid getting hit, than soccer is better for you. If you are looking for a sport that revolves around physical conflict, than football is better for you. If you are looking just to watch a sport than perhaps you should try ballet. ----------------- Answer. Football is sometimes called soccer after the football association. But the official name is football, so they are the same. If you were referring to gridiron [American football] then this is a code of rugby. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All forms of football (Association, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Gaelic, Aussie Rules) have the same basic idea - to take a ball into the opponents half and score goals (including touchdowns and tries). The team structure is basically the same (offense and defense) although adapted to deal with the varying rules of each code. The important element of each code is TEAMWORK, the world's best quarterback is no use without a solid offense, the world's best striker no good without a midfield to back him up. Both forms of the game require specialised players with different skills. Whether you find one form better than the other will depend on your own cultural background, skill level/ability and personal preference.

What are the advantages of being a prefect?

you could built up your leadership skill and take up more responsibility

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