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Yes, It is called soccer in a lot of different countries.

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2008-02-25 21:16:23
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Q: Does football have any other names in different countries?
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What is the other name for white wine?

White wine has different names in different countries.

How football is different in other countries?

What Americans call soccer is what the rest of the world calls football.

What is the diff between football and soccer?

is noneAnother AnswerGeography.In USA, Football is a different sport from soccer: in most other countries, the game of soccer is called football.

What do they call football in other countries besides the US?

Football is commonly termed "American Football" in other countries. Most countries refer to football as soccer. American Football thus clarifies which sport they are actually talking about.

What other names does soccer have?


What are the different types of soccer?

United States Soccer ; Kicking the Ball Other Countries, United States ; Football

Other names for soccer?

football, futbol

What other countries play professional football?

If it is American football it is Canada.

Why is soccer called soccer and other countries futball?

Association Football, the full name of soccer or football is where both names derive from. soccer, short for asscociation, formed where distinction was needed between other types of football. the word futball does not exist in any language.

What are the names of some stories that takes you to different countries?

The names of some stories that take you to different countries might include fictional stories or non-fiction stories. Some great stories about other countries include the Harry Potter series which takes place in England.

Who handled relations with other nations?

Foreign Minister, minister of external affairs, different countries have different names for it. for US is the Secretary of State..

What are all the other names for soccer?

Football or Footie

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