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Q: Does dan marino have a Super Bowl ring?
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Who has no super bowl rings?

Dan Marino

How many appearances did Dan Marino make in the Super Bowl?

Dan Marino played in one Super Bowl, that being Super Bowl XIX against the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers won 38-16.

Which NFL quarterback has NO Super Bowl rings?

Dan marino

What great NFL players never won Super Bowl ring?

Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, Warren Moon, Tim Brown

Who is the best QB to never win a Super Bowl?

Dan Marino

What is the value of a pair of shoe worn by Dan Marino in Super Bowl XIX?

Marino was never in the superbowl

What age was dan marino in Super Bowl XIX?

23 ... Marino born September 15, 1961 and Super Bowl XIX was played January 20, 1985.

Who was the only quarterback drafted 1 in the nfl and started a super bowl and never won a Super Bowl?

Dan Marino

Did Dan Marino go the the Super Bowl as a rookie?

Dan Marino was the Quarterback of the Miami Dolphins team that reached Super Bowl XIX after the 1984 season. The Dolphins lost 38-16 to the San Francisco 49ers. Marino is perhaps one of the best NFL quarterbacks that never won a Super Bowl.

How many completions did marino have in the Super Bowl?

29. In Super Bowl XIX, Dan Marino completed 29 of 50 passes for 318 yards, 1 TD, and 2 INTs.

Does dan marino have a superbowl ring?

Dan Marino did get to the Super Bowl once: in 1985, when his Miami Dolphins were routed by the San Francisco 49ers, 38-16 (in a game that wasn't that close). He never returned to the big game; and, therefore, never won it.

How many Super Bowl wins does dan morino have?

*Super Bowl. Dan Marino has actually never won a Super Bowl. So therefore, he has 0. However, he has led the Dolphins to ten post-season appearances. Dan is widely considered one of the all-time best NFL quarterbacks.