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Q: Does crouching make you go faster in a race?
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Can a yz85 go faster than a kx65?

In general, the YZ85 has a larger engine and is capable of higher top speeds compared to the KX65. However, factors like rider skill, bike maintenance, and conditions can affect actual speed.

How do you make the bills go faster on sims 2 PC?

You can't make them go faster.

Why are jockeys light?

Because the lighter they are, the faster the horses can go. Imagine running a race with a small child on your back. You'd be much faster than if you ran a race with an adult on your back.

How do you make kawasaki mule go faster?

How do u make a kawasaki mule 1000 go faster

Can a supersonic jet liner go faster then invader zims ship?

Zim's race is so advanced, I bet it could go faster than a jet.

Does running while moving your arms make you go faster?

The faster your arm the faster yu go

How do you go faster at club penguin sled race?

you go on the hills and then you will asasinate the othre penguins... this is true...for real

How can you make your 150cc go faster?

Installing a bigger piston is one way to make a 150cc go faster. There are also kits that can be purchased to modify a 150cc to make it faster.

How can you make your qlink siena 150 do faster?

how can you make your qlink siena go faster.

How do you make a 43cc pocket bike go faster?

how to make a pocket bike faster.

How do you get the set up to make your kart go faster on binweevil track three?

press (S) to make it go faster

Can eating healthy foods make your period go faster?

Sometimes it can but sometimes it can't..Nothing can make a period go faster..-.-