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Q: Does coach Mike Sholars have any children?
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Did coach Mike Tomlin ever coach any other winning Super Bowl teams?

Mike Tomlin won Super Bowl XXXVII in January 2003 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a defensive backs coach.

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Yes, her name is Dani Utley

Did george nigh have any children?

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Yes a boy called Viv who went on to be a coach at Everton

Was Mike Ditka's nickname the refrigerator?

Coach Ditka's nicknames were: Da Coach, Iron Mike, The Hammer.The part about the refrigerator came from one of his players during the 85 season,"Mike, the 1985 Bears had, arguably, the best defense of any team in league history. However, it was the use of William "The Refrigerator" Perry as a back during the season that gave that championship team its folklore persona."

Is mike wolf partner on American pickers frank married or any children?

Mike is married and has one daughter, but Frank is not married nor does he have kids.

Does Mets mike pelfrey have any children?

Yes. He has one son, Chase, and a daughter, Madison.

Has Mike McCarthy ever coached in any Super Bowl?

"Yes, Mike Mccarthy has coached in a superbowl. He was head coach of the Green Bay Packers in 2010 when they went to the superbowl. They won the game against the Pittsburgh Stealers."

Does mike Patton and any children?

While it is not commonly known, Mike Patton does and children. He anded his first child circa early 2000s and his second somewhere around 2008 (sources unknown). He plans to and more children after the 2012 phenomenon passes.

Did Diane Sawyer ever have a daughter she disowned?

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Did any of football coach rusty tillman's children play sports in college?

No. Three of them didn't go, one was an arts major.