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In Basketball, the clock stops for every time out, foul, and out of bounds violation. It should also stop at the sound of the referee's whistle.

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Q: Does clock stop after basket in basketball until put into play after scoring a basket?
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Does clock stop after basket in basketball until put into play after scoring basket?

Depends on the league. For the NBA, a successful field goal under two minutes to play in each quarter is technically a dead ball therefore the clock stops. For the NCAA a successful field goal under one minute to play in the second half stops the clock. In high school a field goal under one minute of play in the second and fourth quarter stops the clock.

What did the Referee in basketball do after every basket in basketball until 1937?

Jump ball

What is a lead guard in basketball?

A lead guard in basketball actually leads the team down the court during the game towards their basket. They dribble the ball and make the first play. If the play doesn't work the ball goes back out to the lead guard and it starts over until a basket is scored, a foul is called or the time clock runs out.

Why do basketball players roll the basketball on the inbounds?

To save time as the clock doesn't start until someone touches the ball.

What are the three main duties of a professional basketball player?

1- To contribute directly or indirectly to the scoring with the basketball for your team (Offense) 2- To contribute to a team effort of preventing the other team from scoring (Defense)3- Repeat until the game is overIts a weird question but I hope it answers what you were asking

How do you reshape a heart shaped basket that is lopsided?

A heart shaped basket that is warped can be reshaped by wetting the basket and bending the sides in the shape desired. Then tape the basket until it dries.

What is sideout scoring?

Side out scoring is a term used in volleyball to state that a point can be earned only by the team that is serving. This rule was in place until 1998 when it switched to rally scoring.

Why would you choose basketball over netball?

When the game was invented by Dr. James Naismith a peach basket was originally used. A hoop or net wasn't added until much later. This allowed for a much quicker pace similar to what we watch/play today. After each basket was made, the game would stop so that the ball could be removed from the basket.

What does live ball mean in basketball?

live ball:as soon as a ball is given to a free-throw shooter or a thrower on a throw-in, it is live, but the game clock does not restart until the ball is alive

What is the scoring for golf?

Scoring for golf is the amount of shots it takes for one to originally hit the ball off the tee until it is holed into the cup on the green.

What are the changes of the rules of basketball 50 years ago and the rules now?

There wasn't a three-point line, so each basket was worth 2 points, no matter where the ball was shotThere was no shot clock until 1954, so players could hold on to the ball for as long as they wantedThere was no restricted area in the paintThere was no 3 seconds in the key, so players could stay there as long as they want

Do Romeo play basketball?

No, of course not. basketball wasn't created until hundreds of years later

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