Does chip mean championship

Updated: 10/22/2022
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yes. it's often used to shorten championship amongst sports fans

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Q: Does chip mean championship
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Tracy mcgrady champions chip?

Tracy McGrady or T-Mac as he is known has not won a championship in the NBA.

What does ECW mean?

Extreme Championship Wrestling

What does it mean to chip the wood?

To cut.

What does chip in mean?

patata frita

What does Weltmeisterschaft mean?

Translated from the German, it means "World Championship".

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Nothing. Perhaps you mean "chip on his shoulder," which means that someone has an antagonistic attitude and seems to be trying to create an argument.

What does chip mean in Spanish?

patata frita

Will a chip in a 1997 grand prix effect your trans?

A chip? If you mean a chip for a performance upgrade, then you should know that the Grand Prix does not use a chip. You have to get your PCM (Computer) reprogrammed. Check out

What does un campeonato mean?

Translation: A championship

In athletics what does CR mean?

Championship Record

Where do i get a iPhone memory chip?

There's no such thing. The iphone does not have a memory chip you can plug in. If you mean internal spare parts then ebay.

Does ship mean championship?

Yes. In some slang terms "ship" means championship. As in our team is going to the "ship".