Does chase utley have a sister?

Updated: 11/3/2022
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Yes her name is Cynthia Utley

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Q: Does chase utley have a sister?
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Who is Chase Utleys parents and siblings?

David and Terrell Utley (parents) Taylor Ann Utley (sister)

Are chase utley and mike utley related to each other?

Chase Utley is not related to the former football player, Mike Utley. However, it has been reported that Chase Utley is loosely related (I believe it was determined to be 3rd cousins once removed) to the Mike Utley who plays keyboards for the Coral Reefers - the band headlined by Jimmy Buffett.

What is the birth name of Chase Utley?

Chase Utley's birth name is Chase Cameron Utley.

What number is chase utley?

Chase Utley is number 26 on the Philadelphia Phillies.

Where was chase utley born?

chase utley was born in pasadena California

When was Chase Utley born?

Chase Utley was born on December 17, 1978.

What is Chase Utley's dogs name?

Chase Utley's dog is named Jack

What is Chase Utley's birthday?

Chase Utley was born on December 17, 1978.

Where did Chase Utley come from?

Chase Utley was raised in Long Beach, CA.

Is chase utley the oldest in his family?

Yes chase is the oldest he is 33 right now and has a younger sister Taylor Ann she is a couple years younger then chase

Who are chase utley's parents?

Mr. and Mrs. Utley...

Who are Chase Utley's Grandparents?

dan and kate utley