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No. Classically, there are three body types: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Most people are a combination of two types (for example, endo-mesomorph or ecto-mesomorph). Some bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger believe that the kind of training one does should be designed according to one's body type. Even if that is true, however, it does not follow that building muscle depends upon your body type. On the other hand, in general, some people find it relatively easy to increase the size and strength of their muscles and some do not. The key is not to worry about other people but to concentrate on training intensely so that you maximize your own potential. Regardless of your body type or genetics, you have the ability to decrease body fat, to increase the size of your muscles, and to become stronger. ----

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Q: Does building muscle depend on you body type?
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What is the name of the main muscle responsible for a movement?

The muscle type responsible for body movements is skeletal muscle. This type of muscle is under voluntary control (unlike cardiac and smooth muscle) meaning that we can consciously control the movements we make. The specific skeletal muscle responsible for movement will depend on what movement is being made.

What is the most abundant type of muscle in the human body?

The most abundant muscle in your body is skin

What muscle type is concerned with locomotion of the body as a whole?

Striated Muscle or Skeletal Muscle.

What kind of strength training equipment does your personal trainer recommend?

Any type of body building machine. You need something for each muscle in your body; legs, pecks, biceps, etc.

How does a building icon look?

How a building icon looks will depend on what type of building it is. A building icon is a miniature version of the building used in prototypes and initial planning.

What type of muscle handles all voluntary movement in the body?

skeletal muscle

What type of muscle do you have in the body?

Smooth muscles, Cardiac Muscle and Skeletal Muscles.

Where is the cardiac muscle tissue located in the body?

The cardiac muscle is the type of muscle that the heart is made up of.

Where in the body do you find smooth muscle and cardiac muscle?

Cardiac muscle is a type of involuntary muscle and is found in the heart. Smooth muscle is another type of involuntary muscle that is found in the digestive system.

What type of muscle contributes more weight in your body?

Skeletal muscle contributes more weight in a person's body than any other muscle type. It accounts for 40% of a person's total weight.

What muscle type account for the largest amount of muscle tissue in the human body?


What type of muscle tissue is responsible for moving most parts of the body?

skeletal muscle

Is Cardiac a muscle type that's in the body?

yes, cardiac muscle is found in the heart

Which type of muscle fiber do you depend on for jogging?

A combination of both depending on duration and intensity.

What is the most common type of tissue in the body?

The Muscle.

What is the most common type of muscle in the body?


Type of muscle that moves the body?

skeletal muscles

The only type of muscle that is nonstriated?

The only muscle in the body that is non-striated is the smooth muscle. It does not have any visible striations.

What type of tissue is the skeletal muscle?

Skeletal muscle is a striated muscle used to control movement of specific body parts

What type of tissue is muscle?

Muscle tissue is called just that. It is not as pliable as other tissue in the body and it is much more dense. Muscle tissue can be found in every area of the body.

What is an ideal bmi for a 22 year old female that is 5'7?

It doesn't only depend on age and height, but also water retention, body type (athletic or standard) and amount of muscle you have.

What is the cheapest building insurance?

The cheapest building insurance will depend on the type and location of your building. Check several online brokers to find the cheapest for your particular circumstances.

What are the two catigories of muscles?

Two types of muscle in the human body are striated muscle. Striated means "striped" and is the type of muscle that moves the body. Smooth muscle does not have the striped appearance and is not under conscious control.

Individuals with a mesomorph body type will grow muscle more quickly than those with an ectomorph body type?


What type of muscle moves bones and body parts?