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Q: Does browning make a rifle in 3030 caliber?
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Did browning ever make a bar hunting rifle in 30-30 caliber?


What is the value of a Browning 30-338 rifle serial L9804?

AFAIK, Browning didn't make any rifles in that caliber.

Does any company make a 223 caliber lever action rifle?

The Browning (BLR) comes in a .223 lever action.

Did browning make a 3030?

Browning has made centerfire lever action rifles in various calibers over the decades.

Does browning make a 32 caliber automatic?


Why did they make this rifle in 32 caliber?

There was a maket for it.

Where to find a clip for a small 84 cal long rifle made in Italy?

Take the rifle to a gun shop so they can figure out what make, model and caliber rifle you have. There is no 84 caliber long rifle.

Does mauser make a rifle in 7.65 caliber?


Does the Browning Company make a sem-auto rifle that has a clip in it?

yes it does but the clip is inside the floorplate which must be dropped down first.this is the browning model BAR(browning automatic rifle).

West point 3030 lever action rifle when did thay make them and where?

Blue Book of Gun Values

Does anyone make a rifle in 461 smith Wesson caliber?

No such caliber in the S&W line.

Which is the most poweful air rifle Weihrauch or Shinsung dragon slayer?

Both Shinsung and Sam Yang make a 50 caliber air rifle. The largest caliber Weinrauch makes is a .25 caliber.

Does browning still make a rifle with 18 inch barrel?


Where is the new Browning A-Bolt shotgun made?

Browning does not make an A bolt shotgun, they sell an A bolty rifle

Did Marlin Fire Arms Co. ever make a 3030 rifle for Montgomery Wards called the Westfield?


What year did they make the springfield 840 3030?

They made the springfeild (rifle/sniperrifle) in sprigfeild mass. for future WWII

Did colt make a 22 caliber auto load rifle?


Did Browning make a single shot 22 calibur rifle?


Does browning make a a-bolt gold medallion rifle in 243?


How can you tell what year a 22 caliber Model 67A bolt action rifle was made?

We need the make of rifle.

When did they make the Winchester model 1917 300 caliber rifle?

Your Winchester model of the U S model 1917 30-06 caliber rifle was produced by Winchester from 1917-1919.

Does Benjamin sheridan make 45 cal big bore hunting pellet rifles?

Benjamin (Owned by Crosman) has a new Benjamin Rogue it is a .357 caliber. At present it will be the largest Pellet rifle made with the Benjamin name. Yes it is a hunting rifle. The next largest Benjamin rifle is the Benjamin Marauder .25 caliber. Sam Yang make a 50 caliber and a 44 caliber hunting air rifle.

When did browning make a 45 caliber pistol?

Browning never "made" a 45. They sold the SIG with their name on it. Similar to their 380 which was made by Berreta.

What is the effective range for a 270 caliber rifle?

I can say that i shot a fine Antelope buck with my 270Win caliber rifle at 403 paces in Wyoming.I have seen this caliber make many kills from that distance on in to 35 yards.It all depends on the game animal hunted,and most important your rifle skills.

What year did Winchester make the first 30-30 caliber rifle?