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Q: Does body position affect the speed of a baseball?
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If you put a body lift on a 5 speed does it affect shifting?

It can.

The ability to change the position of the entire body in the space with speed and accuracy?

This ability is known as agility, which involves moving quickly and efficiently while changing directions. It is essential in various sports and activities that require quick movements and precise control over body positioning. Agility can be improved through specific training exercises that focus on coordination, balance, and reaction time.

Does the basketballs shooting position affect you're shooting percentage?

Your body position is easier at about the head, not to high for your arms, not to low.

How do stimulant affect the body?

Stimulants affect the human body in several different ways. When a stimulant is ingested it can cause the heart to speed up and pump more blood throughout the body.

How does homeostasis affect the respiratory system?

it doesn't because omeostasis is when your body is in a natural normal position.

What happens when force is balance?

The body observing the force is either in stationary position or rotates with constant speed.

What are the idle speed parts for a 1998 dodge caravan SE?

Depending on the engine, on the throttle body, there are two sensors. One is the throttle position sensor, and the other is the idle air control valve. Usually the latter can be cleaned if your car is experiencing stalling, but both can greatly affect the idle speed

Does weight of a car affect its speed?

As far as I know it shouldn't affect top speed (assuming that is the question). Weight will affect acceleration and therefore speed after a given amount of time or distance. An example would be 1/4 mile times at a race track. But top speed should be governed primarily by the wind resistance of the body, horsepower of the engine, and the overall gear ratio in top gear. Weight may affect rolling resistance slightly and therefore affect top speed but I suspect this affect would be negligible.

How does momentum affect how far you jump?

you're body weight builds momentum which accelerates the speed and or distance

How does density affect X-rays?

The speed of passage of the x-radiation through a body depends on density.

Does wind chill factors below freezing affect birds?

It does affect birds by the speed of the making it lose its body heat but not enough to hurt the birds.

How does the age of a horse affect its speed?

The age of a horse affects the speed of the horse because like a human with age the body has experienced wear, and does not repair itself as well.