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No, he has 2 superbowl (championship) rings.

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Q: Does ben rolthisburger have three championship rings NFL?
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What NFL Quarteback has the most championship rings?


When did NFL start giving rings?

NFL team do not give rings to teams that lose the Super Bowl. Losing teams get a Conference Championship ring for wining their conference championship game, but not one for participating in the Super Bowl.

How has the most championship rings in nfl?

Charles Haley

How many NFL rings do the packers have?


How many championships does the NY Giants have?

Since the NFL started in 1920 an the NY GIANTS established in 1925, the GIANTS have won the Championship 8 times. The Giants obviusly have 4 Super Bowl Rings from 1986, 1990, 2007 and 2011, but they also have NFL Championship rings from 1938 and 1956. They won the NFL Championship in 1927 and 1934 also, but there are no known photos of these rings onn the internet. There are photos of the Chicago Bears Championship ring from 1933 and championship rings were awared in 1927 to the NY Yankees, so somewhere there must be these rings in existance. To sum it up, the NY GIANTS have won eight World Championships and champions are awarded rings each year.

What NFL coaches have both Super Bowl rings and National Championship rings?

Jimmy Johnson (Miami and Dallas Cowboys) and Barry Switzer (Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboys)

Are the any NFL players that have 6 championship rings?

Fuzzy Thurston, offensive guard: Baltimore Colts (1958) and Green Bay Packers (1961-1962, 1965-1967). He claims that he has the most; there are many with 5 NFL chmpionship rings.

What is the percentage of NFL players that have won three Super Bowl rings?

Answer It is 35.3534343252466333376553465654%

Who is the NFL quterback to win NFL championship and nba championship?


What is the date for the 2011 NFL championship game?

what day is the NFL Championship Game

What is an NFL championship ring?

NFL championship ring is a ring that is awarded to the winners of the league's annual championship game.

Is there a list of participants in NFL championship games dating back to the first championship game played?

Click on the 'NFL Championship Games' link below to see all participants in the NFL championship game since the first championship game was played in 1933.